Chapter Thirty-One - An Alphas War

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Although many thought that the time the young boy spent as a wolf would make him reach the age of around seven in human years, their little boy looked more around the age of five years. His eyes were large and curious and his face so round and childlike that they recollected he could be no older than six.

He had learned to talk with him mind, but because it had taken him so long to shape-shift into his human shape, the little boy could not even string one or two words together, never mind a sentence.

He got irritated and angry as he sat down with Castiel who patiently taught him how to read and write and even more irritated with Dean as his father pushed him into speaking my handing out sly comments that he could barely understand. He refused to speak however, and wanted to just change back into the wolf.

Fire, his wolffish father, had been right. Restrictions of a larger quantity had been placed upon the young crowned prince in which he could not step foot out of the compartments without being followed by an imperial guard. He wanted to play. He just wanted to go outside and get his hands and knees muddy but felt instead like he was chained within the grey walls of the castle.

He was learning fast, and knew that by asking his father, Castiel would frown and ask him to take the guard with him, but Dean may give in, if he had earned it. He knew what he had to do.

He knocked on the door, shuffling his tiny feet as he waited for his fathers voice to come booming from inside. When it did he walked in and smiled shyly before sitting down beside him at his desk.

"If you're not going to speak with your mouth, than I'm not speaking back to you." Dean mumbled out and Lycan sighed.

"Okay fine." He said willfully and almost perfectly, a few crackles here and there from the disuse of his voice. Dean looked at him sharply and growled, putting his head in his hands.

"I knew you could speak this whole time!" He accused when he finally looked back up at his son. "Why did you refuse to talk."

"Because I was mad." Lycan pouted and let his feet swing from to and fro as he sat down on the chair, his hands clutched tightly to the side of it in anticipation.

"Mad? Why were you mad?"

"I-" he began and bit his lip. "I wanted to be wolf again but no one would let me. All the old people came out and started scolding me whenever I tried to change."

Dean barked out a laugh and his son gave him an accused look and he pouted even more, stropping slightly at his fathers lack of sympathy.

"Why didn't you just say so!" His dad roared with laughter, and Lycan smiled shyly at the large alpha who in his sons eyes could take on mountains and smash them to pieces.

"I never thought-"

"Because you were to busy having a strop about us making you speak like a proper person than to actually think that if you went out of your way to ask one of us, then you might actually get what you want. Of course you'll have to have some escort but I think if either me or Castiel was with you instead of a bulking army of warriors the you might have a bit more fun. I need to run a few errands in the town anyway, so while I'm going about my business, why don't you find some kids to play with?"

Lycan was very excited about the prospect. He was actually have a chance to play without a legion of soldiers scaring off any of his playmates. It was all very exciting and he scampered along ahead of both his fathers as they slowly made their way into town.

The talked to each other quietly as they walked but the young boy paid no heed to what they were saying, even though it was probably about himself. He could eavesdrop all he wanted later but for right now he would be content in running as fast as he could towards the town and meeting up with some children barely much older than himself.

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