Chapter Thirty-Six - Help from a Dragon

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Dean had no idea how long he had been trapped down there in the dungeons. It had felt like years but knew that it was probably closer to the no the mark. He kept strong, did pull ups and sit ups and ate every last bit of the crappy food that was brought down to him but the problem was, he was getting restless. They had his brother, his father and his son and for all he knew they had his husband too.

"Cas." His voice broke because of the disuse of it and he coughed slightly, shaking his head. He knew that if anybody could take this kingdom back it was his tiny husband and that godly power of his. He leant back on the wall and sighed, shivering against the cold and pulled the ratty covers that had been provided for him around his shoulders. He heard the doors to the cells opening and closing but didn't think much of it. 20 times a day they would come in and check that the crowned Prince was still there, right where they left him.

Footsteps came towards his cell and he heard a key turn in the lock. Strange, they don't normally unlock it to see him, they just look through the cold bars that were on his door. The door slowly creaked opened and Dean sat up straight away when he saw the mess of black hair peaking out.


No, it wasn't. His son stood there frowning at him and be slumped back again the wall and sighed.

"I see you haven't changed your opinion on him." Lycan said in a rather small voice.

"Of course not, because he hasn't brainwashed me Lycan." Dean snapped back harshly. "What are you doing here?"

"I-i erm," lycan stuttered out and Dean could see his eyes welling up with tears. "I came to see You, I miss you papa."

"I miss you too. The real you. But this isn't the real you so get out of my sight." Dean grumbled and wrapped his arms around his legs and rested his chin against his knees.

"Pan came to me." Lycan blurted out quickly trying to cover up the fact that he was hurt by his father's words.

"Pan? Castiels god? What did He want?"

"To shout at me apparently and mock me." Lycan replied glumly and Dean snorted.

"Yeah that sounds like Pan. He can't help a little bit of mocking."

"Father, I'm trying to fight it. But it's so hard." Lycans voice broke and the tears welled up in his eyes once again. "Every bone in my body wants to hate them. All of them. But I know it's wrong, because my heart also wants to love them. I know I miss Ca- father. But if I saw his face I would want to wrap my fingers around his neck and..."

Dean listened intently and nodded along.

"I know that lycan. And it is not your fault. But you have to face up to your actions as well. You were strong enough to fight it and if you hadn't gone to Crowley all those months ago then you and the whole kingdom would have been fine still. But you brought us down and you need to realise the consequences of your actions."

"You are literally chained to a wall and get you are still scolding me lime you have any power over me." Lycan snapped, he was still a teenager after all.

"Of course. I may not be crowned Prince anymore but I'm still your damn father. Lycan, listen to me. We aren't getting anywhere here so I think maybe you should leave. I really don't want to see your face at the moment." Dean then turned away from his son, leaving Lycan feeling more alone than he had ever felt.


Charlie licked her wounds as if she were still a wolf. She lay in the depths of the castle whimpering and whining and she stopped the blood that the statblade arrow had caused with her tongue. She could tell that they were demons due to the fact that they were wearing Crowleys black and red armour and already was counting up time when she would wreak vengeance.

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