Chapter Thirty-Two - Little Prince

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"Well I think it's wrong what they are doing?" Jack said in his pompous voice. He was 14 years old, a full 7 years older than Lycan himself so naturally he was the little leader of the whole group. Lycan was happy to put that leadership on somebody else as he knew that in the years to come, the responsibility of the kingdom would be put on his own shoulders.

Although he may not have particularly understood why hundreds of omegas were suddenly piling into the massive castle, he knew that his friends, sons and daughters of other courtiers, didn't like it one bit. So naturally, he didn't either.

"I don't understand," Lycan said, frowning seriously. "Why are they bringing all the omegas in?"

"Apparently the alphas can be trusted, but I think it's utter nonsense. You don't see your omega father be shipped off away from his highness." The older boy said it in such a way that made Lycan narrow his eyes. Why would this boy speak about his dad like that, he was the crowned prince along with his father was he not?

"Leave my daddy alone." Lycan said and regretted as soon as he said it, he sounded like a little boy, and even though he was, he still wanted to appear older to the young alpha of the pack that they had created.

"I didn't say anything bad." Jack snapped and crossed his arms. I'm just saying it's hypocritical.

A while later, Lycan made a search for a dictionary in the library and looked up the long word that they older boy had spat out. Even with the discription in front of him however, Lycan still didn't fully understand the situation that was causing up roar in the kingdoms. Instead, he decided to search for his dads and find out.

"Daddy?" Lycan popped his head around the door to the kitchen where Castiel was sat, on the table crossed legged, watching the fire in the hearth crackle and burn. Castiel turned his head to look at his son and smile.

"Hello, Lycan." He said and held out his hand for Lycan to take. He frowned when he saw the serious look on Lycan face. "What's wrong?"

"I was just talking to my friends and..." he trailed off slightly, suddenly embarrassed about the whole situation. "Maybe it's not important."

"I'm sure it is son, you can tell me it's okay." Castiel said in a gentle voice with a loving smile.

"Why are we capturing all the omegas?" He blurted out before blushing slightly. Castiel frowned and scratched his cheek before sighing.

"We aren't capturing them, Lycan." Castiel said carefully. "It's just that a terrible magic is infecting the minds of alphas and turning them against their omegas. We are trying to keep them safe."

By the look on Castiels face, Lycan could almost see that his father didn't exactly approve of this scheme but he decided not to question it at the present time. Instead he only asked more questions about where the infection was coming from and who was doing the magic. His father, who was obviously just trying to protect him, withheld a lot of information and in some way it irritated Lycan. But he let the matter drop.


Over the next few years, the situation of the alphas was forever growing and suddenly there was just not enough room in the palace. Lycan spent more and more time with his friends who had gained some sort of prejudice against the omegas that were taking up a lot of the room in the palace.

He sometimes heard his fathers arguing with each other and when he listened, he didn't know who to believe. On the one hand, dean was  trying to protect everyone but Castiel only seemed to rebuke him. However on the other hand, he could see that Castiel had a point, there was only so many safe places for the omegas and they were quickly filling up. Castiel was also a bit angry at the fact that Dean forbid the brothel houses to open their doors to help the omegas. That argument lasted for a while.

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