Chapter One - Meet The Novaks

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"Someone go and get Dean!" His father shouted as he waltzed into the hall, looking around.

"I'm already here." Dean called out in an annoyed voice, still upset with his father about the whole ordeal. John signed and walked over to him, putting his hands on deans shoulders. It took every ounce of the alphas strength to not throw his fathers hand off of him and storm off in a tantrum, but dean played it cool, staring up at his father.

"Dean. Trust me on this one." He says quietly and calmly as someone comes into the grand hall.

"They have arrived your majesty."

"Bring them in." John replied and straightened up, walking towards the middle of the room ready to greet his guests. Dean followed suit and tried to act professional but it was clear for anyone to see by his face that he wished to be anywhere but where he was standing right that second.

Dean had flashbacks of his friends when he told them about who he was going to marry.

"An original omega huh?" Benny grinned slightly. "I hear they are amazing in bed." He got a slap on his arm from Deans other friend Lisa.

"Oh stop it! I hear that they are really powerful and can be in touch with the elements. Weird stuff, you know? Like talking to trees and stuff."

"Pfft, shut up." Dean scoffed but gulped slightly, wondering what the hell his father was getting him into.

"I'm being serious!"

"Yeah right. But I do hear that their wolves can catch fire! Like literally catch fire, they'll just be running around on fire."

"That's bollocks, benny." Lisa snorted. "And omegas powers but be extremely strong for them to be able to use them as a wolf."

"Well they are extremely powerful!" Benny complained. "They're family are originals! Do you understand what that means? Not a single beta or human bone in their body. Only alphas, but now as it turns out.. an omega too!"

Dean really regretted not reading up on the originals even after his father had told him to do just that. He hadn't seen the point in doing so but now that he was going to marry one, he regretting not getting all the information as humanly possible about this family.

"Ah, your majesty." Chuck bowed along with Anna as they entered. John kissed Anna's hand and shook chucks as he smiled widely. Deans eyes darted around the family that stood around the lord and lady but could find no scent of an omega anywhere.

"These are my sons." Anna says, introducing them.

"Michael, our eldest. Lucifer, then we have Gabriel and Balthazar. We also have a daughter, Ariel. But she will not be joining us at the present time."

"I'm honoured to meet you all." John says as he shook all of their hands before patting dean on the back and giving him a subtle nudge to do the same. Dean held out his hand and forced a smile out, shaking their hands firmly.

"Pleasure to meet you." He said in turn.

"The pleasure is all Cassie's" the small one with golden hair grinned cheekily, earning and sharp slap across the head for his mother. Dean just looked back at him in confusion and took a step back before straightening up again.

"Speaking of which-" the eldest, Michael, said before looking around. "Where is Castiel?"

Anna and Chuck look behind them quickly before looking at each other and grimacing.

"He's made his way to the kitchen already?" Chuck groans and pinches the bridge of his nose.

The kitchen? Dean thought and groaned inwardly. Great, this omega was probably obsessed with food. Which also meant he was probably some fat, stuck up rich boy with no manners.

"You'll have to excuse Castiel." Anna looks at dean and John apologetically. "He has a mild obsession with kitchens."

"Oh." John says. "There is plenty of food out-"

"It's not the food." The small golden boy snorts. "He just likes peeping at people while they work."

"Gabriel!" Anna scolded, ready to lift her hand again as Gabriel flinched. "Castiel does not peep! He asks them beforehand if he can watch them work."

"It's still weird though." Gabriel shrugs lightly and laughs. That was weird. Dean thought again. This omega was obviously some kind of creep.

"I'm sorry your majesty. You couldn't send someone down to fetch him could you?" Chuck asked casually and john nodded slowly before turning to Garth who was already on it as he was half way out of the room. Anna smiles and everyone stands around silently, awaiting garths and Castiels return.

"So..." one of the younger boys said, dean could only guess was Balthazar. "You're gonna be the one to fondle my little brother huh?" He stared at dean.

"Balthazar! Manners! You are not in the woods anymore, this is a palace." Anna snapped angrily and the two boys grinned. "You'll have to forgive my sons. They just haven't seen people in a long time apart from themselves and they are all a bad influence on each other." Anna explained and Dean smiled lightly and started biting the inside of his mouth again. Silence.

"I wonder what is taking Garth so long." John says, scratching his beard out of habit. "He's normally quite fast."

"Him and cas are probably having a fight." Gabriel says seriously as Balthazar snorts. Michael rolls his eyes and lucifer just stands there yawning and eying up the food as if it were the only thing he actually cared about.

The doors finally opened and john let out a sigh of relief of Garth comes back in.

"I'm very sorry about the wait, sire." Garth says nervously. "He was teaching me how to make an omelet. I'm not one hundred percent sure why."

"Erm... that's alright Garth." John smiles, looking slightly confused. "Why don't you go ahead and introduce him."

"Oh yeah, sure!" Garth says and straightens up. "May I present to everyone, the original omega. Castiel Novak.

A/N: aw so close to meeting but get so far. You'll get there one day guys.

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