Chapter 33 - Oh Shit.

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Chapter 33 - Oh Shit.


•Adaline's P.O.V


The wheels on the bus(car) go round and round. Round and round. Round and round. All day long.

All day long was an understatement.

I was waiting not so patiently for this long ride to finish already! Seriously! I have things to do, goddammit!

I really do! Like... see my parents, see Samantha...

See Ayato...

And yeah, other things too!

Oh, goddamm! Stop this car already!


"We're here."

God has finally heard my prayers. Hallelujah! Now, I have to take a shower, change and go to Samantha. Or I should give her a text to see if she's not busy or something.

Getting out of the car, I slammed the door shut after me and proceeded to go to the trunk along with Diana to get my things. After we managed to take out all the luggage that was in the trunk, I hugged Diana.

"Thank you for this week. It's been wonderful," I smiled, Diana hugging me back. We pulled away from the hug a few seconds later, and I gripped my luggage, pulling it towards me.

"Oh, it was nothing. I'm glad you all could be there for Ayato's birthday," She grinned at me, a happy expression laying on her beautiful, doll like face. She is so beautiful. His dad is handsome too, no wonder why their son is gorgeous. "He has so many friends that care about him. And a beautiful lady as his girlfriend."

I looked at her, my eyebrows raised. I giggled, the compliment taking me slightly aback. "Thank you."

Diana chuckled, taking her things. "Now don't let that get to your head. I'm still keeping an eye on you too. Maybe both eyes."

She walked away with her things and into their house. I looked after her for a little bit then proceeded to take my luggage and walk away from the car.

As I was walking, I felt the luggage being snatched away from my hands, and then Ayato's face popped out of nowhere, my things in his hands.

"Hello," He gave me a boyish grin. I chuckled at him, and tried to get back my luggage. "Nu-uh! Don't think so, princess."

I furrowed my eyebrows, my nose, wrinkling my nose in mock disgust at the new nickname he gave me. But I have to admit that it's cute.

He saw the look I was giving him when he called me princess, his lips stretching out into a big and mischievous smile.

"Oh sorry, you don't like being called princess..." He made a pause in which my eyebrows went from furrowed to raised up to the highest point they could get to on my forehead. I was being dramatic right now by the way. "-Cherry?" He finished his sentence... question, making a groan of annoyance escape my lips.

"Not again with that nickname."

"Old habits die hard, baby."

"But you haven't called me that in a long time. It's already dead," I retorted back.

"Well, it has come back to live, Cherry," I rolled my eyes at the wink he threw in my way when he finished his sentence.

"Whatever, Anders."

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