Chapter 30 - Mirror, Mirror. [2]

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Chapter 30 - Mirror, Mirror. [2]


Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V


I feel like Jemima is hiding something from me even if she has been with me all those days along with Laila, Juliet and Paula (yes, Paula). Paula and I are on good terms right now. Well, as good as they can get.

We are both heartbroken and liking a guy that doesn't like us back. That makes it easier for us not to argue that much seeing as we are almost in the same situation.

She likes Tyler. I can see the way she looks at him, and besides, he was her first, and she didn't forget about it. Even if she acts like it doesn't matter for her, it does.

I, on the other hand, like Ayato. I don't know how or when did this happen, but I like him.

The thing is that, Sam and him kissed. I can't get between them if they like each other. After all, you can't decide who you end up liking. If your heart falls for a person, you can as much watch hopelessly as it falls more and more for that person. Well, that's in my case.

I just hope that this might be wrong and the crush that turned into a like will not take another turn and straight up come as love.

I can't let myself have feelings for a person that likes someone else already. That will hurt me so much!

And then...if I let my feelings for him grow... I'll go like all those girls and try to get between their relationship.

I widened my eyes. Oh no, no, no.

Not even in a million years and back I'll let that happen!

I should forget about those feelings and try to focus on something else.

As I was laying on Jemima's bed, I was watching the ceiling wondering what I should do to keep my mind occupied.

Jemima was God knows where, Laila was with Noah, Paula was downstairs, along with Juliet, probably typing on their phones. Or whatever, I just think that that's what they are doing.

I sighed and took my phone, turning it on. I entered my messages and my eyes stopped on a certain name: Perverted Psycho.


I turned off my phone, only for it to vibrate. I groaned and turned it on again, seeing that I have a message from...


I furrowed my eyebrows and opened the message. I've been ignoring Sam for these past few days. Not because she kissed Ayato, but because she left without announcing anyone but Ayato's parents.

I'm not mad that she kissed Ayato. Jealous, yes. But not mad. How could I? If I liked Ayato as much as she did, then I should've done what she did- kiss him.

But I didn't which that means I let the gates open for every girl that likes him to come and... lure him towards them.

I've been ignoring Ayato too. I don't want to get between his relationship with Sam. And maybe Sam would get jealous if she knew that I was close to her boyfriend.

Wait...are they even boyfriend of girlfriend?

I shook my head. Of course that they are. They kissed, for God's sake!

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