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Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Naked by sakkaira
Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Nakedby ✨Aira Sakae✨
COMPLETED The existence of grammatical errors, misplaced words etc. is exorbitant as the majority of the book had been written when I was 13. Read at your own risk. ...
Work Of Art by ToBeIndigo
Work Of Artby "𝓘𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓰𝓸 𝓥𝓲𝓸𝓵𝓮𝓽"
"Four and four become eight, but you and I can be fate." ×××× In which Adaline sends pick up lines to a random number and the most unexpected person replies
The Baynes Legacy - Book 3- Who Goes Bump In The Night by angelwing218
The Baynes Legacy - Book 3- Who Stacy
Ashling has grown up with everyone looking at her as if she was nothing more than the Alpha's off spring. Now with high school complete she is off to a summer camp wher...
The New Girl Plays Football (Discontinued) by paradisegukk
The New Girl Plays Football ( Abby♡
Adaline Smith is not just an ordinary teenage girl. She's lost her mother when she was 5 in a car accident. After that, she started playing football with her 5 brothers...
'90s Problems by AgeOfAdaline
'90s Problemsby Age of Adaline
It’s 1999, and curvy funny girl Evianna Moore is about to celebrate her 99th birthday. But rather than the wrinkled nanna she should rightfully be, Evi appears to be onl...
A Court Of Truths And Trials by Fiarosie
A Court Of Truths And Trialsby Fia
Arya Vierra is Feyre Archeron's best friend. When Feyre gets taken into the realm of Fae - Prythian, Arya joins her refusing to leave her best friend but when Adeline cr...
The Penalty || Marc Andre Ter Stegen by wintermassacre
The Penalty || Marc Andre Ter mhysa🌟
Adaline Müller, younger sister of famous Bayern München striker Thomas Müller, is the complete opposite of her extroverted brother. She loves her life as it is, until he...
Adaline by titaniaverse
Adalineby Titania
Adaline West did not want to come back to Dalton High, but she did. And she definitely did not want to sleep with her ex-boyfriend's best friend, but she did that too. ...
right answer by dululuxsululu
right answerby dululu is the sululu
[got idea from tiktok] the brothers best friend(also were am from its normal to call ur mother mommy:])
Badgirl|goodboy_Z.H (on hold) by whydontwe_l_i_v_e
Badgirl|goodboy_Z.H (on hold)by whydontwe_l_i_v_e
Where Adaline meets the wdw boys little did they know this girl was different ❌warning drugs,swearing❌
A Glimpse of Hope by ScarlettJanexx
A Glimpse of Hopeby Scarlett Jane
Did I miss it before? I glanced at the sign on top of the door. I realized this is the area of my supposed class. Maybe the class hall is here? Grabbing the door handle...
She Started The Rain by AliceInWonderland_13
She Started The Rainby JJ
You will forget me Without a trace Like the sea forgets the shore When it reaches the ocean And I will drown for you Everyday, till I remember how to swim again.
Just A Necklace by writerwarrior101
Just A Necklaceby writerwarrior101
To everyone in the world, it's just a necklace. To Nate and Andy, it's one life altering moment in English class.
The Ball  by Skylar387
The Ball by Skylar387
Adaline the queen hold the first ball of the season and meets a childhood friend She encounters a lot of problems trying to be the perfect queen
Call the Midwife by Ash_perfitt
Call the Midwifeby
A call the midwife fanfiction, This is a tv show in the uk on bbc, if you have not heard of it.
The Two Way Mirror by mag_ro72
The Two Way Mirrorby mag_ro72
A new princess learning her way, a kingdom at stake. A mysterious new person. One choice could destroy or save her kingdom. Will she choose love or loyalty?
Adaline's Arrows by KatherineHinchley
Adaline's Arrowsby Katherine (Kat) Hinchley
A common thief versus her kingdom, this is no ordinary Robin Hood story. Join Adaline and her bow and arrows on a journey as she works her way through the Kingdom, disco...
The Radiation by -Beautifully_Broken-
The Radiationby Camilla
Adaline Lexington is your average 18 year old human girl living in New Jersey in the year 3020. Elliot Andrews is your average 19 year old Radioactive mutant living in...
Adaline Peterson by AaliyahJ15
Adaline Petersonby Aaliyah
Back in the 1890's was this little girl named Adaline Peterson, 12. She grew up in a family that was rich and one day when her and her brother Willis, 14, came home fro...
The End. by espinosabae16
The espinosabae16
Zombies attack. & your fighting for your life. You meet this boy named Matthew Espinosa & you start to fall in love.