Chapter 2 - This can't be happening to me!

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Chapter 2 - This can't be happening to me!

Warning: Unedited!

•Adaline's P.O.V•


I stood there frozen ,just looking at the Greek God in front of me. He was standing there in all his glory while I was standing here in all my ...nakedness...

Fuck my life.

I couldn't move, speak or even think rationally!

The Greek God smirked ,showing his perfectly white teeth. He can't be more perfect...

"Oh la la, girl. You wanna try me?" He raised an eyebrow ,checking me out from head to toe, his deep voice making my ears sigh pleasure and my heart to do some front and back flips. I snapped from my trance and took the fallen towel off of the floor and cover myself with it, blushing the color of a tomato.

The guy tsked and closed the door to my bedroom,making me feel trapped.

He turned to me ,a mischievous and amused look in his eyes. He began to make tiny steps to me ,making myself do some bigger steps away from him. In no time ,I hit the wall ,making his smirk grow bigger. I gulped.

That's what he wanted...

He's the predator and I'm the prey.

He trapped me against the wall, between his hands. I swallowed nervously ,not daring to look into his eyes. I felt a finger under my chin making me look up in the eyes of my predator.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Why do you cover yourself? I already saw you naked, so why bother covering?" He asked ,making fun of me. He played with the end of the towel, making myself feel more exposed than I already was. "I must say, you have a beautiful body," He put his head in the crook of my neck, inhaling. "And you smell so damn good. Cherries." He whispered and lightly bitted my neck. I hold myself from moaning.

The fuck?! I am comporting like some easy girl...

I hold the towel at my chest with one hand and with the other I pushed the guy off of me. He made a few steps back and smirked at my shocked and scared state.

He made a salute. "See you downstairs, Cherry," And with that he left, letting my feet glued to the ground.

The hell was what?

* * *

After I got changed, I went downstairs, with my hands beside my body, sweating like crazy. Why, would you ask?

Because that guy would be downstairs and he saw me naked for fuck's sake.

Why didn't I think to go in just my undergarments down there, seeing that he already saw me naked? Oh ,why don't I go there straight naked?

As I arrived downstairs, a woman and a men ,in their late thirties, sat on the couch and my mother and father on the other couch. In the living room ,a little far away from the couches stood Jemima ,practically clinging on that guy. She was wearing some killer high heels ,a skirt which looked like a belt and a too short tank top, and don't forget about the overused make-up . He didn't seem interested in her. I mentally scoffed. He must be used to this ,seeing as he had the body and face of a God.

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