Chapter 1 - Oh Damn, He's Hot...

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Chapter 1 - Oh Damn, He's Hot...

•Adaline's P.O.V



What should I wear?

It's a special event, right? Haha, no. It's not. For me it isn't. Only for my dearest mother and sister and I think my dad would be like me, not caring.

I love my dad so muh. While my mother and Jemima are with make-up, skirts, heels, dresses and what not. Me and my dad are more laid back, chill and ,for us, a hoodie and some sweat pants will do.

That's it! I'll wear a hoodie and some sweat pants.

A knock on my door intrerrupted my thoughts

"Adaline? Are you ready?! The guests are going to come here in..." My mom ,Gemma, trailed off, probably looking at the watch o
around her wrist. "-thirty minutes!" She exclaimed. "My God! I didn't do my make-up! Adaline, can I come in?"

"Yeah, mom," I shouted. Not a second after the door opened and in came mom. She gasped when she saw what I was holding in my hands. Here we go...

"How can you dress in a hoodie and some sweat pants! It's a big event! We are going to have dinner with the most richest people in the town!" She squealed so I had to put my hands on my ears, which made the clothes to fall on the floor. I looked at them, then at my mom with disbelief.

"Mom!" I said and took the clothes on the floor. "It's not that big of an event!"

She gasped again and put her hands on her hips. She was short, but she could be deadly when she wanted to.

"You are going to put that back there!" She pointed to my closet. "And you are going to dress in something else! You have only twenty three minutes until you need to be ready! Hurry up!" She screamed as she got out from the room ,closing the door shut. I groaned and went to my closet.

Okay, she doesn't want me to wear that...

I don't have anything to wear!

My closet only consists of hoodies, sweat pants, leggings ,some skinny jeans,some T-shirts,some socks...oh, and the undergarments. The skirts, dresses and heels I have and borrow are from my sister. And ,sometimes, she borrows some T-shirts and jeans from me. I'm a little fatter than her ,but not too much. Daddy said I'm perfect as I am, and I believe him.

I took a black and white hoodie and some black leggings. No, I'm not an emo, but I think I'm kind of dressing like one. I took a bra and some panties and went to the bathroom,not after putting the clothes on my bed. I locked the bathroom and took some towels. I turned on the shower and ,when I thought that is warm enough, I hopped in. I washed myself and I think I heard the bell ring and the front door open. I shrugged not caring if they came.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"ADALINE!" My mother shouted for me.

"WHAT?!" I shouted back.

"THEY ARE HERE! HURRY UP!" She shouted ,and then left I suppose. Damn. Damn. Damn.

I began to curse profanities under my breath and tried to hurry up. I finished and dried my hair with a towel. The other towel ,I used it to dry my body and put it around me. I plug the hair drier in the outlet and tried to quickly dry my hair. Damn it!

As I finished, my hair was half dried. I combed it and realized that it was wetter than I thought.

"Fuck my life!" I groaned and began to dry my hair again.

Finally ,it was ...dry , a little bit wet ,but it wasn't that bad. I sighed ,and began to comb it. I brushed my teeth and went to my bedroom.

I went to my clothes that were on the bed and took the towel off of my body. In the next second, the door to my bedroom opened. I turned around, my heart beating like crazy.

In came a boy -I think the same age as me- with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I almsot fainted then and there. He's definitely a Bad Boy and he had also that dangerous aura. If I was a cat, I would definitely be purring.

My eyes traveled from his face, down to his body. Under his grey V-neck T-shirt you could see the body of a Greek God and that leather jacket looked very good on him. Although, it made his face darker. But I think that is what he wants.

Oh damn, he's hot...and I'm just sitting here naked...



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