Chapter 25 - That must be a world record.

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Chapter 25 - That must be a world record.

Warning: UNEDITED!

Adaline's P.O.V


Of course that the way to the toilets was at the right.


Lying bastard.

Idiot lying bastard.

Fucking idiot lying bastard.

Do you know what was to the left?

You can't guess in a million years and back. There weren't any toilets, but instead it was a...

Beach full of nudists.

I saw things worth not seeing.

First thing was the thingy of an old man. His wife being next to him. Another old woman talking to them. All of them naked.

Now I really need to go to the bathroom...

To puke all my intestines out.

I'm going to have to burn my eyes.

No, scratch that. I will kill Ayato then burn my eyes.

That bastard.

I finally arrived at the toilets, and locked myself in one of the stalls.

I stripped off of my clothes, leaving me in only my two pieces swimsuit.

I went out, after peeking to see if it was someone around.

The coast is clear.

I smiled at my own funny self, and went out.

I felt so exposed and self-conscious. I want home.

Thinking of ways to escape from this hell, and go back home, I bumped into someone.

The coast is not clear.

I held my forehead in my palm, looking up at the guy I bumped into.

My jaw almost dropped. Good Lord, he was hot. He looked so yummy.

I'm getting a little crazy here.

But ,dayum, he looked very yum.

He had caramel blond shaggy hair, and ice blue eyes. He was slim, I give you that, but he had that V-line and the outline of his abs were faintly popping out.

I couldn't help it, but compare him with Ayato. I guess Ayato's body is just a little bit better than this guy's.

"I'm sorry," The guy spoke, making me look in his eyes. His voice was just angelic. He's the epitome of perfect, while I'm standing here, in my black swimsuit which didn't fit me at all.

My tongue felt as if it was suddenly tied. I tried to say something, but my words were stuck in my throat. Speak, goddammit.

"I like chicken nuggets!" I exclaimed, finally getting my words out of my throat. Only that those weren't the words I wanted to say.

My face burned of embarrassment. Oh God, how I wish I could just shut up.

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