Chapter 7 - Something that was unknown to me.

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Chapter 7 - Something that was unknown to me.

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V


"Ayato..." I grumbled, annoyed by his presence. He just smirked in response and his eyes flickered behind me. He nodded his head and I heard some gasps and some dreamy sighs. I turned around,crossed my arms over my chest and saw Jemima and Paula almost melting. What's so dreamy and awesome about him?

Okay, he has that deep brown eyes which would warm or freeze your soul -depends on how you're acting with him or who are you- , that soft looking dark brown hair which you would want to run your fingers through all day, that muscular,hard body which every woman would crave to touch, that deep voice like dripping honey...

Hell no! Now I began to fantasize about him! Could this day become more better?!

"Penny for your thoughts?" Someone whispered behind me in my ear, his hot air tickling my neck. I jumped away from Ayato and glared at him. He gave me a boyish grin which made my insides melt.But I didn't let him see the effect he has on me.

"Oh my God! You two are so cute!" Jemima squealed, making both of our head snap in her direction. I widened my eyes in disbelief.

"What?! I am not cute! And I don't like him! We just met a few days ago!" I exclaimed, exasperated. "It's that hard to understand?! I.Don't.Like.Him!" Between every word I slapped the back of one of my hands on the palm of the other.

Jemima's smile just widened. "Double negative! That means you like him! You two are so perfect together!" She gasped and began to bounce in happiness. "I found your perfect couple name! Ayaline!" She couldn't contain her excitement so she took Paula's shoulders in her hands and began to bounce.

"Aren't they perfect together?!" Paula stopped her and smiled. I narrowed my eyes at her. I could see past her fake smile. She felt an emotion, but I can't put my finger on it.

I felt an arm wrap around my waist. I looked at the hand and then at it's owner. Who do you think it was? Ayato, of course!

"I like the couple name, baby! Don't you like it?" He gave me a side smirk ,which showed how he enjoyed annoying me. I slapped his arm off and took a few steps away from him, yet at the 'baby' part ,made me nervous and to blush.

His smirk widened seeing my reaction. He really enjoys my embarrassment ,doesn't he?

I feel someone shooting daggers at me and when I spotted the person ,I saw that it was Paula. She narrowed her eyes to slits and her lips were turned into a snarl. I raised my eyebrows at her. She huffed and turned to Ayato. She gave him a what is looking like a seductive smile. I mentally gagged.

She's...jealous. I smirked.

Paula went to Ayato and linked his arm with her arm. She was clinging on that guy like her life depended on it. Ayato looked down at her and raised an eyebrow, giving her a flirty smirk. That gave me a pang of something in my chest. It was little, but I still felt it. I furrowed my eyebrows. What was that?

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