Chapter 10 - I suggest you to wear something see through.

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Chapter 10 - I suggest you to wear something see through.

Warning: UNEDITED!

Who's that hottie in the media bar? ;)

•Adaline's P.O.V•


Oh damn.

Oh shit.

Oh fuck.

Two boys.

Two smoking hot boys at one table.

Two boys which I want to avoid at all costs are at the table Jemima drags me to.

Why me, God?

Why me?

Did I do something wrong in my life?

I haven't been naughty.

At this a smirk began to tug at the corners of my lips.

Okay, the stories I read on that eBook app proves wrong...

But that's not the point!

"Hey guys!" Jemima's cheery voice snapped me out of my train of thoughts. I looked around and saw that all the girls -except one who was smiling warmly at me- were looking at me up and down with judging eyes. Some of them were actually glaring.

I don't understand why tho.

I'm not a Victoria Secret model for them to be jealous on me. I don't have nothing special. I'm just... average.

I don't have a high sense for fashion and style. If I would feel comfortable in something, then I don't care if it match or something. Of course that I would care in some situations.

I don't have a body that boys would want to worship.

I'm not that tall. Like ,I'm only 5'6 feet(168 cm).

I am not stunning, beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, hot blah, blah ,blah.

I really don't understand why they were glaring...

Anyway, back to the subject. Some of the boys at the table were smirking at me , some even dared to wink at me and some of them were just aimlessly checking me out.

I shivered out of disgust.

I tried to ignire their stares and my eyes unintentionally landed on Ayato. His eyes were glued on his phone. Metaphorically speaking. He hasn't saw me yet.

I moved my eyes to the person which stood beside him(to his right) , who was staring at me. My heartbeat speed up. Tyler.

He was looking at me apologetically and he looked guilty.

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