Chapter 21 - Plans.

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Chapter 21 - Plans.

Warning: UNEDITED!

Unknown's P.O.V


I was checking myself out in front of my huge mirror, daddy put in my room.

"COME HERE DOWN ,SWEETIE! I HAVE SOMETHING TO TALK TO YOU!" My step mom screamed for me from downstairs. I sighed and went down.

My mom was facing the stairs ,I was currently walking down, with her arms crossed ,and an annoyed scowl on her face.

She never liked me.

I put on a blank face ,and said my next words in a sickening sweet voice, "Yes, dear mom?"

I even wanted to sarcastically bow before her, but didn't. She doesn't deserve it even if it's only sarcastically.

"You didn't forget the plan, did you?" She narrowed her already small eyes at me. I rolled my eyes.

"No, mother, I didn't."

"Then what's the plan?" She gave me a challenging look. I didn't want to do what she wanted me to do, but she could of send me into a boarding school if I didn't.

"Go there, and make that stupid boy fall in love with me."

"That's not the whole plan," She began clenching her jaw. I sighed, already pissed off by her.

"And get rid of the 'girl'," I rolled my eyes, refusing to say her name, making dear mother more annoyed ,than she was, with me. I smirked, and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Good girl," She spit out,then proceeded to leave. But after she could've been off of my radar ,she turned around and said, "He will come with you. If he can't get rid of her, then it's your time to kick in."

"He?!" I shrieked, already knowing who has she been talking about. She didn't give me a response and threw me something.

I caught it, before I could of seen what is it.

She began to laugh ,and walked away.

I felt the shape of the cold and deadly thing in my hands, my heartbeat increasing.

I looked down, a lump in my throat, already knowing what is it.

A gun.

Oh God.

That chick must be crazy!


A/N: No, this is not a 'normal' chapter. This is a 'filling' chapter, that you will understand in the next chapters.

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