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Thank you guys sooo much for 1 million reads on this book! Without you, the book wouldn't be now where it is!

I want you to know that I see every comment you post it here and that I'm really happy you comment, vote and help this book arrive so up in the rankings!!

I love you all so much! I don't know how to show you my gratitude for doing this to me...I really don't know. I read your books, I comment back on your comments, but I feel like this isn't enough. I feel like this doesn't show you all my gratitude for you!!

Thank you so much!

When I made the book, I thought that this will be just another book that I'm trying to write and people wouldn't read it. But now I know that I was so wrong.

Thank you all for reading, and I'm sorry for all my grammar errors and words misplacements in the book. English is not my first language. I'm still a learner. I wish I could go back in time, and make my parents be born in England or America just so I would know English better. But I can't.. :(

Anyway, in the media should be a photo that should explain everything related to Addy and her decision. Why she didn't choose Ayato and blah blah blah.

Thank you @TES23X for asking it.

I hope all of you understand now. :)

Also, I have a book Addicting Bad Boy. It seems as some people enjoy it. I want to continue it after I finish MBBSMN or I'm close to finishing it. :)

But, I have to edit the few chapters before I start writing it....I have a few ideas ,but I'm not quite sure about it...


Ask me questions. Not related to the book. Just questions... so we could know each other better.

I have some questions too!

Q¹: If you're an #Ayaline shipper, why do you ship them? What has their relationship? Why do you like them together so much? Because of what do you like them together?

Q²: If you're an #Zadaline shipper, why do you ship them? What's so special at their relationship that you want to ship them?

Q³: To all #Jemimagan shippers out there who read the Christmas Special one-shot with Jemima x Finnegan...what do you think happened after it ended?? *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Okay, this is it!

I'm sorry if the updates come really late...school starts next week(on 11 or so) and I'll enter in a week full of tests. I'm tired and scared to even think of it.

I should be grounded right now, but seeing as this is something special(1 MILLION FREAKING READS), my mom let me this time to stay on the phone.

P.S. I saw in the comments on Chapter 26 that some #Ayaline shippers want to do some petitions...apparently, they don't like the idea of #Zadaline happening...

I want to ask...

You're kidding right?

I haven't slept last night because of this...

You're kidding about the petitions, right?

Oh well...



I love you all!!


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