Chapter 17 - Mine.

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Chapter 17 - Mine.

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V•


The night started with my lovely sister bursting in my room, scaring the living lights out of me and with her sweet ass voice.

"I saw how you looked at Ayato and Samantha and how your mind was elsewhere. In the clouds maybe, I don't know ,but you need to spill all the things that have been on your mind lately." She opened the lights and I let out a yelp from the light that burned my eyes.

"No!" I exclaimed, putting more emphasis than I should on 'o' ."It burns!" The same I did with 'u'.

I put my hands on my face, and rolled over on my belly so I could bury my face in my pillow to stop the burning feeling in my eyes that the light was creating. Why does it have to be me all the time?!

I'm a little bit dramatic when I'm sleepy. Stick with that or leave me alone!

I told you that I'm dramatic when sleepy.

I heard a click ,then Jemima's sweet ass voice.

"Turn around." Command was dripping from her voice. Oh yeah, guess what! I'm not the one to be commanded! Nu-uh!

"Addy, I swear to God ,if you don't turn around..." She trailed off. I turned my head a little bit to the side so I could see her, relieved that the light was turned off. I could only see a dark figure in front of my bed ,nothing else.

I suppose that that was my sister...

Or...or a rapist who stole my sister's voice.

I widened my eyes and scoot further into my bed. My heartbeat began to pick up. I saw the rapist tilt his -or her ,I don't know- head to the side.

"What the fuck ,Addy? What's wrong?" The rapist took a step closer to my bed. I stood up on my bed ,and pushed my back into the wall behind me. Okay, I think that now I'm fully awake.

The rapist took a turn ,so the bed wasn't in the way, and came more closer to me. I gulped and raised my hand to try and stop the rapist, my heart beating faster than ever.

"Stay away from me, you rapist!" I shouted, clutching tightly the sheets at my chest. The rapist stopped and then face-palmed. After a few seconds of silence, the rapist bursted out laughing. Why is he -or she- laughing?

"Oh my God, Addy! You really thought I was a-" And that's when the rapist couldn't talk anymore because of how much he -or she- was laughing. I narrowed my eyes at him -or her- and crossed my arms over my chest.

As the rapist was laughing ,he -or know what?! Fuck it, is a he- opened the lights. That's when I saw my sister laughing her ass off. She wasn't even laughing anymore. Like, she was trying to breath while one of her hands were on her chest. She began to gasp for air and fell to the ground.

I got scared for nothing. It was just my sister.

I rolled my eyes and laid back down on the bed.

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