Chapter 14 - Trapped and hopeless.

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Chapter 14 - Trapped and hopeless.

Warning: UNEDITED!

Finnegan Nicholas Johnson as Jack Johnson in the media bar! I just love Jack J. ❤•❤

•Adaline's P.O.V•


I gulped as I looked into the two blue orbs ,which seemed as to suck me up. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

On the outside I was calm and collected, but on the inside...

Huh...I was a total wreck. A lot of emotions were playing with my mind right now. I was nervous, angry, hurt, sad, pained and a lot more.

Damn, before I met him ,I was the happy go lucky Adaline ,but after I met him, I shifted into the silent, cold Adaline. Well, not cold, but silent yes.

As more seconds passed ,Tyler didn't remove his hand from my mouth which made me annoyed. I bit his hand and he ripped it off from my mouth -metaphorically speaking- very fast. I smiled smugly at him.

He looked at his hand ,then back at me with anger in his eyes, but soon was replaced with a guilty look. I rolled my eyes and tried to get away from him.

I bent down and went under his arm on the wall. I hope I looked cool, because if I'll make a heart attack here due to the speed my heart beat goes, I will die in peace.

Haha, lol. You won't, because Ayato is not yours...yet.

Evil me strikes again with the speed of ...I don't know...light?

You can't even make a joke. You really are hopeless.

Well , you are ...evil! Take that evil me!

Seriously? You can't do better than that ,no?

Someone pushing my back on the wall, ended my argument with Damn, I'm getting crazy. I won't be surprised if some people would pop out from nowhere and take me in a mental hospital.

"Adaline..." A voice breathed out on my face, making me snap my attention to the world. I almost gagged at the smell of alcohol and cigarettes in that breath.

I looked up in the eyes of the one who's breath smelt like death and saw that was ...Tyler...

"Seriously, Tyler?!" I spat his name with disgust. "Couldn't you brush your teeth if you wanted to talk to me?" I narrowed my eyes at him and he just grinned. A creepy grin, may I say.

I widened my eyes in fear. Help me. Pedophile at two o'clock...

No time for jokes ,Adaline!

I shook my head mentally and regained my composture. I crossed my arms over my chest and raised an eyebrow. He has me trapped in between his hands that were on the wall.

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