Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Naked

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A/N: Hello everybody! I'm Aira and this is my fifth book I think. One I unpublished just so I could write this book.

Give this book a chance and read a few chapters before you'll eventually give up on it, if you want.

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I will update this book as much as I can ,seeing that I have other three books to continue.

Well, here is the Prologue. Enjoy!


Mr. Bad Boy Saw Me Naked - Prologue

Warning: UNEDITED!

Adaline's P.O.V


I am that loner girl. The one who sits at the back of the class and doesn't try to get attention unlike my sister ,Jemima.

We might be twins but we are opposites in many ways. Per example: I'm the smart and loner girl and she is the more-dumb-than-smart and outgoing girl. She's the cheerleading captain and also the Queen Bee of this school. I live in her shadow but I like it.

I am that back off girl and she is that clingy girl. No wonder why every boyfriend of her broke up with her. Who was to help her then? Me ,of course. I'm her sister ,so even if I don't want to, I need to help her. She helped me in my dark times too.

She has brown, wavy and beautiful hair with dark brown eyes while I have some sort of blonde hair and boring brown eyes. She's beautiful in every aspect while I'm ugly in each aspect of her being beautiful. But I don't mind as long people don't point that out.

"Addy! Do you know where my straightener is?" My sister screamed. Yeah, she calls me Addy home but in school she doesn't even know who I am. I asked her for that.

"No!" I screamed back at her, returning to my laptop. I was playing some Barbie games because I didn't have anything to do.

"Never mind! I found it!" Jemima went into her room which was across from mine. I got up from my seat on the bed and went to her room. I leaned against the opened door.

"Anyway, why do you need the straightener?" I questioned her with an eyebrow raised. Jemima turned around in her chair and gave me an 'are-you-crazy?' look, then returned to straightening her hair.

"Didn't you hear mom? The Anders family are going to come over!" She squeaked out. I furrowed my eyebrows and tilted my head a little bit to the side.

"Oh...and why is that?"

"Duh. How could I know?! She just said to get ready. And ,besides, The Bad Boy of this school is going to come at us!" She began to squeal. I put my hands on my ears. Damn, this girl...

She's with seven minutes older than me, but she is very childish while I'm the more mature one.

"The bad boy? Who the hell is he?" I really didn't know who is he. At school, I'm staying in a dark corner and try to not be seen. Also, I'm always daydreaming so is a bit hard to know what happens around me.

Jemima gasped and turned around abruptly, almost falling from the chair .I crossed my arms over my chest and waited for her to explain after she got from her too shocked to speak state.

"How could you not know him? Did you live in a cave or something?!" She screeched. I shook my head but I began to think of a scenario where I was a caveman -or is it cave woman?- and I was chasing after animals with a stick in my hand ,screaming 'UGGA UGGA' .I stiffened a laugh at this. My sister shoot me a crazy look. 'Don't do that when he comes here."

I rolled my eyes. "Okay, mom!"

She went back to what she was doing.

"What's this bad boy's name?" I asked out of curiosity. Jemima literally face-palmed.

"Seriously?! Ugh , his name is Ayato Ian Anders, but he likes to be called Ayato by his friends and family. He's seventeen , eighteen in one month. He has brown messy hair, dark brown eyes and a too hot body and his voice. Oh God. His voice..." She began to ramble so I stopped her.

"Okay, okay. I got it. He's an angel," I rolled my eyes. "And ,besides, isn't he one of your boy toys?" I asked her, pointing at her with my index finger.

She shook her head ,a dreamy yet longing expression on her face ,as she looked in her mirror. "No," Then she snapped her head at me so quickly that I was scared it might fly off her head. I widened my eyes in surprise. "But he will be."

I began to back off a little. "Okay, Jem. Don't get crazy," And with that said ,I went to my room and changed for the big event. I scoffed. Big event my ass.

- - -

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