Chapter 4 - I promised you.

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Chapter 4 - I promised you.

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V•


As I eat my cereal, Jemima was doing her make-up with my mom helping her. It seems like they made up and my father was reading the newspaper. The only sound was the sound of the birds outside. I listened to them ,feeling peaceful and content.

I looked at my mother and Jemima. She was trying to help Jemima but they only knew how to overuse the make-up. As I took a spoon of cereal in my mouth, I commented.

"Why don't you try to do your make-up more discreet? That way you'll be more beautiful and cute," I pointed with my spoon at them. They turned their head to me with an 'are-you-serious?!' look. I shrugged. "What?"

My mom shook her head. "Yeah. As if you know how to do the make-up or how to dress. Yesterday you were looking like a person who was high at the dinner. I wanted to tell you that but I couldn't ,because Diana and Roderic were there. You are still looking like that!" She pointed to my outfit. With my mouth full, I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing some red low-top converses, some skinny black jeans and a white T-shirt with the words wrote in black: 'Two Words, One Finger' .Oh ,and my zip up black hoodie.

I looked at my mom with an eyebrow raised. I swallowed what was in my mouth before speaking. "I don't care how I look. If I'm comfortable, then it's cool for me," I raised from my seat and took my water bottle. I took a few gulps of water and put it in my backpack. I took a mint gum and popped it in my mouth.

"Au revoir, ma belle famille!" (Goodbye, my beautiful family!) I said that in a fake French accent and bowed ,before going out of the house. I don't know French, is just that I know a few words.

I need to leave more early than my sister ,because I walk to school.Mom and dad bought us a car but I let my sister drive it. She needs it ,because she is popular and can't be seen without a car. I don't mind it. I got my driver license but I don't drive.

I took my earphones out of my backpack and plug them in my phone. I put one earphone in my ear and put some music.

Immediately, 'Don't Tell 'Em' by Jeremih came and I began to sing along.

" Rhythm is a dancer, I need a companion
Girl, I guess that must be you
Body like the summer, touching like no other
Don't you tell 'em what we do

Don't tell 'em
Don't tell 'em
You ain't even
Don't tell 'em-"

As I was singing ,a hot air fanned my ear, making me scream and jump away from the stranger that crept up behing me. I turned around quickly, already prepared to meet my rapist ,but you know who I saw...

"Ayato..." I grumbled. The earphone has already fallen from my ear when I jumped away from him. He chuckled and good God, that sounded beautiful as hell. No! Don't think like this!

"Cherry! I must say, you do have a good voice!" He scoot closer to me ,making me take a few steps back.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, yeah...whatever," I muttered, turned on my heels and began to walk away from him and more closer to the school. Damn, school sounds better than him right now.

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