Chapter 9 - Bullshit is very common nowadays.

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Chapter 9 - Bullshit is very common nowadays.

Warning: UNEDITED!

Our beautiful Adaline in the media bar.

•Adaline's P.O.V•


I ran and ran and ran. Away from him and everything.

I left him in the hallway, with his arm raised up in the air, a shocked expression on his face. Some students were shooting me a questioning look as I ran past them, but I didn't care.

I went straight up to the school's roof. There is the only place I can find peace.

As I went up there, the chilly air hit my skin making me shiver. Also ,I was on the verge of the tears. I can already feel my heart break again.

I looked at the sky and closed my eyes, trying to calm myself.

I don't want him in my life again.

I want him to disappear. To leave me alone.

In my first year of highschool I met him and that drama began. After we broke up it took me two years to fix my heart. To collect all the broken pieces of my heart that were scattered on the floor everywhere and then use the time to fix it. But neither the time helped me fix it.

Tears were moving slowly from my eyes ,to my cheeks and then to my chin.

I know I'm weak ,but bare with me. My heart has been broken twice ,by the same guy.

I should be over now, but I can't. He was the only one where I would feel loved, safe and at peace. It was as if only us two were in this world. No one else. Only us.

But that girl needed to entry our life. To destroy everything me and Tyler created. More like I created, because he would do nothing but shove his tongue in that girl's throat. He didn't care about me. He cared about himself and how he would play with me. He had me wrapped around his little finger.

"Adaline." A voice called me from behind. I opened my eyes and turned around fast. Tyler was a few feet away from me ,examining my face. My eyes would be red and puffy from crying and I bet my cheeks were flushed and tear stained.

I took all the courage in me and spoke. "What do you want Tyler?!" I spat his name like it was poison on my tongue. Which it was.

He flinched from the tone of my voice and came closer to me. I took a few steps back and hold my palm up ,trying to stop him.

Surprisingly, he stopped and looked down, guilty. I restrained myself from scoffing. Guilty my ass.

He looked in my brown eyes with his blue ones. He was hurt and guilt was lacing his features. I crossed my arms over my chest and let a blank expression took over my face. But inside... inside I was hurt and pained.

Tyler sighed and ran a hand through his brown hair. "I'm sorry, Adaline! I wanted to say sorry and-"

I scoffed ,interrupting him. "You weren't sorry when you were sucking faces with that girl!" I let the words out in a calm, deadly manner.

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