Chapter 15 - Unexpected

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Chapter 15 - Unexpected

Warning: UNEDITED!

Samantha Ash Collins as Demi Lovato in the media bar!

•Adaline's P.O.V•


It was almost three AM and I couldn't sleep. I was turning around in bed, because every time I would close my eyes ,Tyler's image and actions would pop out in my mind and make me fear him more.

I cleaned myself up and I think that I look pretty... decent right now.

As I was lying on my side, looking at nothing in special ,my phone buzzed announcing me that I got a message.

I furrowed my eyebrows and took my phone from the nightstand. My eyes weren't accommodated to the light so ,when I opened my phone ,I needed to shut my eyes closed for a few seconds.

I saw that I got a message from Jemima. I totally forgot about her.

Jem: Addy? Where are you? I've been looking for you for the past hour and I can't find you anywhere! Please text me back if you got this message!

Okay ,now I feel bad that I didn't tell her where I am. I began to text her a message back.

Me: Sorry that I didn't announce you more sooner ,Jem. I wasn't feeling so well and Ayato gave me a ride home. I'm sorry again. :(

After a few seconds or so, she texted me back.

Jem: Ayaaaatoooo... *wink* *wink* Anyway, why didn't you ask me to do that? :/

I suppresed a smile at the "*wink* *wink*" part.

Me: I didn't want to spoil your fun.

Jem: You know that I would be more than happy to help my lil' sis. ;)

I rolled my eyes at her.

Me: You're just with seven minutes bigger than me. Don't get worked over that, sweetie.

Jem: *rolls eyes*

Me: Anyway, did you say sorry to Finnegan guy?

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