Chapter 19 - For her.

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Chapter 19 - For her.

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Ayato's P.O.V•


I walked towards my locker, annoyed by a girl's attitude towards me, stomping my feet against the cold tiles down on the floor. As I arrived at my locker, I saw Noah and Tyron there, waiting for me.

I let myself fall against the lockers, my shoulder getting the impact. I also startled my friends, making them look at me weirdly. I inhaled through my nose, and exhaled through my mouth, an attempt to calm myself down ,which surprisingly worked.

I sighed, "Damn you, Cherry," I muttered under my breath. That damn girl has been ignoring me.

The whisper didn't go unnoticed by my mates, Tyron being the first one to open his mouth.

"Bro ,what's up with you and that chick, Adaline?" Tyron leaned against the lockers beside me. I watched Tyron dead in the eyes, a surprised look in my eyes.

"What about her?" In place of answering him, I addressed him a question. He rolled his eyes. Noah was watching us closely. Zach isn't here, he has been avoiding me since that day ,yesterday.Tyler was probably flirting with some chick and as for my cousin, he must be at the library, stucking his nose in a book.

"Oh c'mon ,bro. You know what I'm talking 'bout. Look, I've banged Rebecca, now it's your turn. Did you bang Adaline chick or nah?" He clicked her tongue, his eyebrow raising up on his forehead as he did so. I rolled over so my back was leaning against the lockers.

I pursed my lips, getting annoyed by just hearing the word bang beside Adaline.

"Fuck no. Adaline is not like that," I scrunched my nose up. How can he think so low of me?

I only bang a girl when she wants that, okay? I warn them that it's just something that will pass quickly. It doesn't mean anything. It's nothing. No sentiments. No passion. No love. It's just séx.

Tyron rolled his eyes again, "Whatever ,bro," He turned his attention to Noah, who's attention was stuck in his phone. He was texting someone - or maybe said ,his girlfriend, Leila.

They have been together for four months from now. Impressive , I know. I wouldn't be able to be with a girl that long not now ,not ever.

The longest I have been in a relationship was with a girl named Emily... for one year, then she died.

One party. One drunk driving. The last fun she had ever had.

I think that explains everything.

It was the first year of being a sophomore.

I finally found love, then...




"Please, Ian! One party, I swear! Just one!" Emily whispered and shook my arm ,in hope for me to go to a party with her. With my eyes fixed on a paragraph on my book, I shook my head.

No, I couldn't. She knew that when she wanted us to be together, in what she have gotten herself in.

I'm not a party person. As much as I wanted to, I'm that nerd guy, who sits at his desk, reading a book or doing something constructive.

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