Chapter 12 - When the lights are off.

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Chapter 12 - When the lights are off.

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V•


The music was blasting through the speakers giving me a little buzz every time the beat dropped.

I scrunched up my nose in disgust at the alcohol and sweat smell that lingered in the air. To add to the smell, the people were also grinding on each other, some girls were twerking and a lot of people were making out ,almost doing the deed on the dance floor.

In a far corner were some people were chatting and some of them were playing on their phone, wanting nothing more than to get out of here. I pursed my lips. I feel ya, buddies.

I also saw some people passed out on the couches or even on the floor. I shook my head. Too much alcohol I suppose.

Some boys winked at me or even checked me out as they passed by ,holding a drink in their hand. Although, their eyes always stopped at my chest or at my legs. This made me regret that I didn't bring a jacket like Jemima did.

My skirt reached my mid-thigh and the tank top on me showed a little bit of skin.

I shuddered in disgust and fear at their stares and began to feel very self-conscious and exposed.

But it isn't like when Ayato saw you naked.

My evil conscience decided to kick in and made me feel more and more exposed.

Oh damn, well I hate you too conscience.

I tried to tug at my skirt so ,magically, will grow longer. Yeah, no luck.

A hand wrapped around my wrist and dragged me to a bar.

For a second I panicked, but then I saw that it was Jemima who was dragging me. She was grinning and ,from time to time, winking at some cute boys. I swallowed the feeling of puke that stood in my neck.

We stood on some bar stools. I got my phone out and looked at the clock: 10:34 P.M.

I groaned quietly. Seriously?! I need to spend time in this hell hole until tomorrow?!

Jemima waved and called the bartender. He turned around ,smiled and gave one of that boyish nod of head. But I have to admit, it looked cool.

He came to us and greeted Jemima. "What's up Jemmy?"

He was hot ,I have to say. He has blonde hair and green eyes. He has also a strong jaw and he was tall. His white T-shirt hung on him and showed his worked out muscles.

But I need to admit that Ayato looks way more hotter, sexier, dangerous and mysterious than him. In other words, more better.

What the fuck am I thinking here?

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