A/N - Suggestions? Christmas Special?!!

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Soo...I thought about doing some Christmas Specials. :) Something like one-shot stories about three different couples in this book.

You can pair a character in this book with another one from here. Every character...yes, and Ayato and Adaline...but I don't know if I'll choose them. :D After all, the story is about them.

So, I need three pairs and three places for each couple, the relationships between them and point of views.


Couple: (character) x (character) -Places(and what will happen there): Date at a restaurant/ Date at the beach/Hanging out in his(or her) house/ Tutoring him(or her) at school etc. - Relationship: Love, Love-Hate etc. - (character)'s P.O.V

Your comment will have to look like this:

-(character) x (character)
- (place and what'll happen there)
- (relationship between the two of them)
- (character)'s P.O.V


- that I will only do with romance. Even if it'll end sad or good, Romance it will be.(Oh please, some of you comment sad Romance that'll end...well, sad...even if it's for Christmas, I want to make a sad Romance :(( ...But, this depends on whether you want me to do a sad or happy romance.)

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