Chapter 28 - Snap some pictures.

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Chapter 28 - Snap some pictures.

Anything you wanna say about the photo? *wiggles eyebrows*

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V


I woke up by the sunshine which was caressing my cheeks, warming me up, and the birds that were beautifully chirping outside the window, announcing that today was a good day.

I sighed in content, turning around and hiding away from the sunshine that became a little bit annoying.

My forehead pressed on something, making me realise that that thing was a pillow.

I slung my arm over the surprisingly hard pillow, and inched closer towards it.

Burying my face in it, I inhaled what seemed like a masculine scent.

"Mmm," I let out a quiet, satisfied sound at the smell which the pillow was holding.

"Mmm," The pillow copied my sound, making my eyebrows shot down in a frown. Do pillows talk?

Fluttering my eyes open, and leaning my head backwards, I tilted it up, getting a better view of the pillow I was hugging. Or better said - human.

My eyes widened when I saw his peacefully asleep face. Even sleeping he was very handsome.

His pouting lips were a little bit dry- from the sleep-and rosy. His hair was very messy, a lot of strands shooting up in different directions.

I watched his face for a long time, examining his high cheekbones, his perfect shaped lips, his dark brown hair, his perfect eyebrows -I'm kinda jealous on this one-, but the only thing I couldn't examine at him were his eyes, the eyelids hiding them from my view.

Putting a leg on my right one, he turned around on his back, making me lay on his chest, my right leg captive under his legs now.

The sheets around us were messed up, the part of the sheet on Ayato's side flowing off the bed.

I looked at him, trying to see any signs of him waking up. Imagine the horror. I would make a fool of myself for the 'n' time this trip.

My eyelids began to become heavy , preventing me from keeping my eyes open. Eventually, they closed.

I tilted my head up, and buried my face in Ayato's neck. Inhaling his cologne, I sighed.

I wish I could be so close to him everyday.

Wait? What am I thinking here?

I shouldn't be thinking that when I promised someone that I'll go on a date with him.

So stupid.

But, I like being close to Ayato. It gives me the feel of safety and home. It really feels good.

A warm feeling made its way into my chest down to my belly, making me furrow my eyebrows.

I have to tell Zach that I don't like him, and that I like him only as a friend.

I have to. I can't lead him on.

I hugged Ayato tighter, my face pressing deeper into his neck.

My heart jumped when a hand came in contact with my hair. I felt Ayato's chest rise up high as he sighed.

One of his arms was under me, holding me by the waist, the other one being on top of me, his hand on my head.

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