Chapter 34 - Please, don't die.

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Chapter 34 - Please, don't die.

Warning: UNEDITED!

•Adaline's P.O.V•


"Come in!" A sweet, high-pitched voice was heard from the other side, and I jumped for the doorknob. Gripping and twisting it, I opened the door with a big smile on my face, only to stop dead in my tracks, my smile being washed off by a hot wave of fear. My eyes grew wide while looking at the cold, dangerous and black gun pointing towards me.

I felt Ayato stopping right beside me, stiffening.

The tense atmosphere was cut by a high-pitched, bone-chilling giggle, making us stiffen even more.

"Well, well. I'm so happy you two could pay us a visit," I gulped at the voice of the woman in front of my eyes, that was filled with pure evilness, goosebumps raising all over my body. In that moment, just a single thought was passing through my mind, making me realize that all of this was real.

Oh shit.

Geezums, beezums, mother of Jesus! In what kind of tragedy, drama, comedy shit serial thing I am in?! I must be dreaming, I swear to God.

Blinking in confusion, my heart drummed in my ears as I slowly stepped forward, closer to the gun. Everybody was caught off guard, visibly stopping breathing as they saw me boldly going towards the gun.

Stopping right in front of it, I brought my hand and softly touched the gun with my index finger. My eyes narrowed.

"Is this even real? I mean, c'mon. What kind of cliché, sappy, cheesy, gag-worthy, cringy romance book/movie is this?" I rolled my eyes, thinking that this situation is way too surreal to be real. "Like, look how fake this is," I tapped the gun, studying it with boredom written all over my face. "Not even an ounce of real is written on i-- AAAAH!"

I moved back, falling on the ground due to the gun going off, luckily, up in the air.

With myself practically plastered on the floor, my eyes studied the ceiling, me afraid of even raising up to my feet. Okay, that gun is real.

Also, there's a hole in the ceiling now.

"Just how stupid can you be?" The woman asked, probably shaking her head at my idiotic self. "Come on, up to your feet. Now."

I needn't to be told twice, and immediately jumped on my feet landing right in front of the woman. My lips tightened and my eyes widened in surprise, and I fought the urge to yelp at the proximity between me and a killer.

She narrowed her eyes to me, making my eyes widen even more. I gulped, hands starting to shake.

Happily for me, an arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me backwards into a chest. It was Ayato.

Ah, now I feel safe.

He pushed me behind him, his posture stiff, his face rid of any emotion.

Now I feel even saf---

Oh no! I won't let my baby boo sit in front while a gun is pointed at his head. Nope!

I tried to step in front of him, but he stopped me by extending his arm to the side. He turned his head to the side and threw me a scolding, serious look.

I pursed my lips and stepped back, loosely gripping at his shirt in fear for him. He took his hand to his back making me lose the grip on his shirt, and instead take his hand in mine.

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