Chapt. 24 Plans before the battle

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Caleb's POV

"Is the pack ready?" Chris asked

"Yes"I nodded "We'll be there by four"

"Excellent" he smiled "We have to prepare the groups"

"I already organized my groups" I added "I just need to know about yours"

Chris nodded and turned toward Clarissa and Roger. The couple was kind of tense today, specially Clarissa.

"Clarissa and Roger will lead one of the groups, Daniel another one, you'll take the third and the last one is mine"

"What about Amy?" I asked "I thought you wanted her to lead one"

"Amy can't be part of this" Clarissa shook her head "She just want to be here because she wants to help Chris"

"I'm not asking her to stay" Chris reminded her softly

"She knows that" Roger sigher "My wife is a bit upset, that's all"

"Okay"I mumbled

"Clarissa wants to send Amy away" Chris explained

I nodded. Of course she will, it was her daughter we were ralking about. I had the same thoughts about Avril, what if we couldn't stop all of them? I needed a backup plan.

"That's a good idea" I agreed with her

Rachel POV's

The sound of soft snoring filled the house, followed by sniffing and a rustling if sheets. I walked inside to find Cloe and Elliot fall asleep on the couch, the tv was still on.

I tiptoed my way to it and turned it off, the kids stirred a little bit but they were deep asleep. I needed to talk with Caleb, what was he doing to exhaust them so much?

Slowly I climbed up the stair and walked straight to Avril's bedroom. I let myself in quietly, the room was dark but noisy; the sniffing was coming from here.

"Abby?" I called

"Yeah" her rusky voice answered

I walked to the bed where she lay on a mess of wet sheets. Her nose was red, dry tears marked on her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I sat next to her

"Everything"she sighed as she lay her head on my lap

I caressed her hair softly, the way I used to do when she was younger. She sighed loudly and hugged my leg.

"Everything is a mess" she whispered

"I see" I bit my lip "Does this has anything to do with your mate?"

"No" she shook her head "Caleb and I... We're perfect, we're okay"

"I'm glad" I smiled "You'll be fine, you'll see"

"I'm not worried..." She hesitate "Rachel, what it feels like? If.. Your mate dies?"

I swallowed. What it felt like? Horrible.

It wasn't the best feeling in the world, but that didn't took my desire for living away.

"It's... Like some part of you is missing, you'll never be complete" I sighed "But it's up to you what you decide to do with it, you can let it destroy you... Or you have to learn to move on and live with it"

"Like dad?" She asked

"Yes, well your dad had you" I smiled at her "You pushed him off of the ground"

She smiled sweetly at that. Chris loved her wife, he still does; and even when I desired otherwise, I couldn't change his feeling for her.

"Why did you ask that?" I wondered

"Well... Cuz I.. I wonder what will happen... If Caleb dies when the rogues come" she stammered

"That's not going to happen" I assured "This is an easy win"

"Are you sure?"

"Have I ever lied to you?" I asked

"No" she laughed "You haven't"

"See?" I smiled "Everything will be okay"

We remained silent for a few seconds, I was sure the fight was easy; our fighters were Hunters, well trained.

"We should go and find your dad" I sighed "He has important news"

"What news?" She straightened up

"You'll see" I replied "Now go and wash up, I'll wait for you downstairs"


I left the room to give her some privacy, and slowly shut the door behind me. When I reached the living room I was welcomed by snores. Wow, that kid really enjoyed that couch...... Wait.

"Where's the other one?" I mumbled

I walked closer to see if the girl had fell from the couch, but she wasn't there. Probably she woke up and left.

Yeah, that was it.

Cloe's POV

"You had to be kidding me" I complained

"Nope, he's not" Amy crossed her arms

"You both listen to me" Caleb insisted "That's how we'll do it"

"Just a reminder" The witch raised her hand "I'm not from your pack, you can't order me around"

"Lucky you" I gave her a look

Caleb stared at me. Yep, he was in his Alpha mode, stubborn and grumpy. I sighed, I didn't like to obey but I couldn't say no to my Alpha.

"Fine" I groaned "I'll do it"

"I can't believe it" Amy sighed

"Chris asked me to ask you that favor" Caleb turned towards her "He'll be eternally grateful"

Amy bit her lip. Hesitation was written all over her face.

"Did he?" She inquired "Really?"

"Yes" Caleb nodded "You can ask him if you want"

She remained quiet and thoughtful for a few seconds. I turned my head slowly toward Caleb, was he serious?

"So... Who else?" I asked

"Ashley will go with you"

"And what are we suposed to do with Avril, uh?"I groaned "You know she won't do it"

"She won't know about it"

"And do you spect us to get Avril on a plane without her noticing that?"

"That's where I need Amy" he turned his face to her

Amy sighed. She was as bothered as me with this situation, but she didnt had the ties I had to obey.

"I'll talk to Chris" She agreed

"Good" Caleb nodded "Do it quick, the fight starts at dawn"

"What?" I asked "That's in 15 hours"

"I know" He sighed "10 for you, you have to be gone before. I already bought the tickets"

"Assuming Amy accepts" I replied "This is crazy"

"Insane" Amy agrees "But understable"

Sorry Sorry!! I took forever i know but it's been a crazy month...

I hope you guys like this, I know is not long but let me know what you think


"So are you doing it?" Caleb asked

Amy sighed loudly.

"I'll regret this" she mumbled "You can count on me"

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