Chpt 25. Nervous

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Avril's POV

"Dad please" I begged

"it's confidential" he replied

"Since when you started to care about that? We have no secrets" I reminded him

"Not this time" he shook his head

"Caleb will tell me" I tried to push it

"I doubt that" he laughed

I groaned. There has been a meeting to which I was not invited. I mean, this mess was because of me, I least I should know what was going on.

Whatever he and Caleb planned wasn't good, Dad always shared everything with me, and know he was all secretive.

We were entering grandpa's place now, he was way better than when he was at the hospital. Layla walked up to us when she heard us.

"You're here" she smiled "How are you darling?"

"I'm good" I recieved her hug "Everything cool in here?"

"Yes, everything is perfect" she sighed happily "That old man is as stubborn as a donkey"

"I heard you woman" Gramps walked from the living room

"You're in trouble" I giggled

"Sure she is" he pecked her lips then her walked up to me "How's my princess?"

"Dad is fine" I looked up to my dad "Don't you?"

"Very funny" he smirked

I hugged grandpa. He smelled like soap and cookies; which it was weird. I must be really hungry.

"You look good" I said

"I feel good" he nodded

"That's awesome" I smiled "I'm glad"

"Why don't you come in?"Layla asked "I made pie"

We spent the evening with grandpa, talking, laughing and crying... He was such a sensitive guy with romantic movies. Rachel joined us a little after that, she brought a basket of cupcakes and everything; which felt a bit exaggerated.

I wasn't stupid. My dad brought me here, to have an evening with grandpa, as if it were my last one... Well, I guess now I know what the meeting was all about; this was it.

They were coming, and there was nothing we could do but fight.

I wouldn't let them hurt the people I love.

By eight pm dad was driving me to Caleb's, fingers drumming the steering wheel. He had sweat in his eyebrows, and his breathing was irregular.

"Relax" I said "You look as if you are about to give birth"

Rachel chuckled in the back seat.

"They're coming"I stated "When?"

"I knew you'll figure it out"he sighed

"That's what happened in the meeting?" I asked "You decided to attack?"


"They're coming at us" Rachel explained "We'll meet them in the woods, that way they won't reach the town"

"Thanks"I smiled a her, then turned to my dad"When did you planned to mention that?"

"It's been so suddenly" he shook his head "I had other things in mind"

"What could be more important than this?" I insisted

"We're here" he announced

He stopped the car suddenly. I stared at him open mouthed.

We all stepped out of the car, Dad kept glancing at the house, before he turned and walked toward me, pulling me into a hug.

"I'll be back later"He whispered

"Okay" I hugged him back

He released me and caressed my cheek, his eyes glistening at the moonlight with such fervor, such longing.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing is wrong" he said

"Then why are you acting so weird?" I asked

"Look, just go and be safe" he kissed my cheek "You are my baby girl"

"What?" I asked "Are you drunk?"

He sighed and got in the car, slamming the door shut. I stood there, staring at his windshield.

"He's just nervous" Rachel assured me "You can't blame him for that"

"I've never seen him like this"

"He's afraid of loosing you" she walked me up to the door

"We'll be together" I shook my head

"That's not the reason" she smiled "The fight is at dawn"

"At dawn?" I gasped "That's in a few hours"

"I know" she sighed  "He wanted to stay with you all night"

"Why didn't he?" I asked

"Because you're important for someone else too" she said "And he is nervous of what is going to happen"

"What do you mean?"

"Caleb is going to the fight as well, and this moment might be a good one to stay together"

I gave her a look, I didn't know if what I catched in her words was true.

"Be safe" she squeezed my hands and kissed my cheek

I watched as she got in the car, and as they disappeared in the dark road.

I look down, to the squared object she placed in my hand before left.

My cheeks got as red as a tomato as I stared at the squared condom wrapper.


I know it's short. i'll be posting another one tonight but I need opinions.....

Should Caleb and Avril mate? Or should somebody else mate before the end????  If so, tell me who.


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