Chpt 18. Party crashers

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Caleb’s POV

I kept staring at it. I rubbed my hand against it, I splashed water over it but it didn’t work; it didn’t came off. The black lines were coming out from Avril’s mark, and they were expanding as if trying to form something but it wasn't finished yet, so I couldn’t tell what the shape really was. I looked down at Avril, but she looked as confused as me.

“Oh my God” she covered her mouth “I’m so sorry”

“Why?” I asked alarmed “This isn’t normal?”

She pressed her lips tightly and shook her head. I cursed and turned to check my neck in the mirror; there’s has to be an explanation for this, isn’t it?

“I’ve never seen it” Avril whispered “Mom wasn’t able to mark dad, so I don’t know if this is normal. He had never explained me in detail”

“Well, we’ll have to ask” I stated

Avril nodded fervently. She looked guilty, worried.

“Come here” I said pulling her into my arms

She rested her head against my chest and wrapped her arms around my waist. I don’t know for how long I held her; I guess it must have been long enough for my mom to knock the door.

“Coming” I said

Avril straighten up but I didn’t let her go, I caress her cheek before I gave her a swift peck on the lips.

“Let’s go” I pulled her toward the door

“Your shirt” she reminded me

I buttoned my shirt before I opened the door; my mom was waiting outside and gave us the stupid excuse that she needed to use the restroom. There were three restrooms in the house.

We sat back on our seats, and keep with our unfinished dinner.

Avril’s POV

I tried to listen at the conversation but I was too distracted to do it. I kept wondering why my mark had turned in some kind of tattoo; I mean, I had never seen one before, is not as if somebody would show it to me, it was supposed to be private. The only mark I saw was my dad’s, but it wasn’t even a real mark; my mom couldn’t bite him, so he tattooed a red tulip on his chest, right over his heart. He said a red tulip means eternal love; he always got her red tulips.

“Avril” I heard

I turned my head toward my dad.

“What?” I asked

“Mariel was trying to talk to you” he said

“Oh” I turned toward Caleb’s mom “I’m sorry I was distracted”

“It’s okay” she smiled “I was just wondering… when did it happened?”

“What happened?” I frowned

“When did my son marked you?” she has this proudly face

“I… what?” I mumbled

“I can smell him on you” She said “At first I thought it was just him but no… is kind of weak, thou, did you guys already mated?”

I felt my face turned into a tomato. What was wrong with this woman? You can’t just bring that up at dinner. I could feel my dad’s eyes on me.

“No” I said

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