Chpt 6. Fugitive Vampire

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Caleb's POV

I caressed her wrist and I could feel her shuddering under my fingers. The way she was looking at me made my heart speed up, I knew that look; it held love, lust, and... Sadness?

I reached over to touch her face with my other hand but she pulled away, I could see she was holding back tears.

"What's wrong?" I was worried

She just shook her head weakly with a blank expression

"Honey, are you okay?" I started to panic, I was used to see her mad and strong, not like this; she looked in pain "Please tell me"

I started to reach for her again but raised a hand to stop me

"I... I have to go to the restroom" she murmured

She stood up and walked away. I just sat there, I decided to go against my inner wolf petition of going to check on her. I needed to give her space, she got upset when I acted to protectively and dominant, so now on I will let her do her way, make her happy.

Avril's POV

I stared at the mirror and a girl looked back at me, I couldn't say it was me because I couldn't recognize me.

Her face was in pain, tears threatened to flow down her cheeks, she was shaking.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I will not cry, I said to myself.

I swallowed all my suffering slowly, I was suffering because I had a mate, a werewolve mate, and even though what I wanted the most was to go to him and never leave his side, I knew I couldn't because I was a vampire.

I was suffering because I knew that the love he had for me would turn into hate if he discovered what I was, he would kill me.

I opened my eyes and stared to the girl again, she seemed sad and regretful about what she was going to do but this was the only solution before this got more complicated.

I stepped out of the lady's room and started to walk to the opposite side I came from, toward the exit.

The afternoon sun was blasting in my skin, I knew I wouldn't get far if I stayed as a human but I that wouldn't be for long.

I run down the street looking for a taxi before Caleb realize I was gone; I needed to get away fast. People were staring at me while I ran, but I didn't care, I couldn't stop now. I couldn't. I didn't pay attention where I was going; I just kept running, looking for a taxi, until I found myself crashing onto somebody.

"I'm sorry" I gasped

"No, it's okay"

A guy with brown hair, blue eyes, and a lot of freckles smiled at me.

The guy was looking at me in a way I already knew, most human guys gave me tha look. He smiled at me in a flirty way.

"Where's the fire?"

"I'm sorry" I repeated "I have to be somewhere else"

"I don't think you will get far without a car" he half smiled taking a step closer

I pressed my lips in a thigh line, I felt as if I were going to jump over him in any minute, I cleared my burning throat

"Actually I need to go to the bus station" I smiled at him and placed my hand in his arm "Do you know where I can find a taxi?"

I smiled tentatively to him and he seemed to melt

"I could give a ride to a beautiful girl" he winked at me

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