Chpt 16. Marked

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Warning: This chapter is short, and is a little bit intense

I hope you like it : )


Caleb's POV

They were coming.

I knew it even before Chris told me. I got reports of vampires activities while I was driving, my pack was stirring with worry now, i knew I had to give them answers soon. That was it, I was going to let the rest know about the situation tonight.

Now I was going home, after Chris informed I just ranaway to find Avril. I stepped out of the car and jogged to the door.

"Avril?" I called when I was inside

I looked in the kitchen but she wasn't there. After I checked the living room I headed to the second floor, our room was empty, but a faint sound came from the bathrroom.

"Avril" I calleb stepping in

"What are you doing?" She complained while she tightened the towel wrapping her body

I just stood there, looking at her. Her clothes were on the floor, her hair was tied up in a bun leaving her neck and her shoulders exposed. She was beautiful.

"Hey" I sighed "I was... looking for you, I just talked with your dad and..."

I cleared my throat. It was hard to concentrate with her so... undressed. She seemed to notice my fixation because she avoided my eyes while her face turned magenta.

"Okay, you found me" she hesitated "I... I was about to take a shower. Your sister just left, she said we had a fancy dinner later and..."

She trembled when I walked toward her, her eyes followed my every move. I trace my fingers up her arm to her neck, her skin was so soft that I got goose bumps.

"You're beautiful" I whispered

Her blush grew deeper and that made me laugh. How could she be embarrassedd by the truth? My inner wolf was stirring with desire but I was strong enough to keep him under control, I couldn't let him take over. I cupped Avril's face in my hand and bent down to kiss her; she parted her lips even before I touched hers, our mouths moved in sync. Her hands flew up to my hair and pulled me toward her, I held her waist with one hand, with the other I caressed her cheek, neck, shoulders... 

I wrapped her waist with my arms and lifted her against the sink, her legs opened inmediatly and circled my torso. I ran my tonge over her lower lip and she shuddered and held my hair tighter, I ran my hands down her bak until I feel the material of the towel, swiftly, I pulled it down.

I could see our reflection in the mirror behind her, I saw her naked back arching against me, she was so damn beautiful that I feel that I didn't deserve her, she was too good to be mine. I trailed kisses down her jaw, her chin, her neck; I licked that tender spot on her neck, where my mark should be, and she moaned in response.

I was suddenly jancked back, her hands pulled my hair-and my whole face- away from her neck,. She kissed me rough, teasing and biting my lips, her hands ran up and doww my chest making me shiver. Now I was turned on, this wasn't going to end the way she expected it...or maybe it would, her hands reached for the hem of my shirt and I let her pulled over my head. I cupped her face agaist mine again, this time I let my hands wandered further, sliding all the way down her breats. I cupped then gently and she whimpered against my mouth, they were so soft but so hard at the same time. I leaned down again, toward her neck but she pushed me back, instead she moved my head so my neck was exposed to her. It made shudder, the way she kissed it, the way she ran her tongue over it.

I knew what she wanted. But, was I willing to give her that? I hesitated, it was like swimming agaist the flow,my wolf resisted it, it wasn't right for him.

"Caleb" Avril whimpered "Please"

Her voice made shudder, it was so desperate that it made me feel like crap for hurting her like that. She was everything for me, I wanted to make her happy.

My wolf growled in my head.

Avril's POV

Caleb's hands stopped when I pleaded. I was afraid that he would turn me down, but I wasn't afraid enough to stop trying. It hurted me, the way he was putting his desires over mines. I pulled away from him while I tried to fight back tears, I wrapped the towel around my chest again, I was about to slid off of the sink when he stopped me.

"No" he cupped my face "Don't cry"

"I'm not crying" I lied pushing him away

"I'll let you mark me" he kissed my cheek

I looked up at him. His blak eyes didn't show amusement, so he was serious.

"Really?" I asked

"Yes, my wolf isn't happy about it but.." he smiled "I don't care"

I smiled weakly. He leaned down to kiss me again and this time I allowed him to do it, his lips were so delicious, so soft against mines. He rand his hand down my hips, sliding his hands inside the towel and caressing my tights.

I led my hands trace a trail over his chest, his abs, his strong arms, he was perfect. I kissed his jaw, his chin, his neck. That little vein was pulsin so wildly that it was like a song for me, I licked his skin and he shivered while pressing me tighter against him and letting his hand wandered further inside, making me moan when I felt his touch in between my legs.

I sank my fangs in his neck. I heard him gasp, but when I started sucking his blood he groaned. He tasted so good, it was like drinking heaven. He grabbed my hair and pressed me tighter against his neck, he groaned again and I knew he wasn't mad, he was enjoying it as well. His hand ran up and down my core, making me whimper. I couldn't believe it could feel so good, I could  have mated him long ago if I knew it would be like this.

I pulled my face away from his neck and licked the wound. He groaned again and tilted my head to the side, I knew what to expect and I hold on to him. I moaned when he pierced my skin, the pleasure increased a hundred times, I felt as if I could break in anytime. His marking lasted less than mine, well maybe because he didn't stop to drink me like I did. He licked my neck before he kissed me right on my lips, I was kissing back for a few seconds before I realized how cold he was.

I pulled back and I saw those black lusty eyes staring at me, just a little pale color in his cheeks, that always happen when you drink from somebody. I caressed his cheek gently and smiled

"Let's go get you some milk" I said "That's what doctors give you after you donate blood, right?"

"I don't need milk" His voice was low

"You're pale" I covered his mouth with my hands before he kissed me again "Let me take care of you. We can continue this later when we get back from your mother's home. I promise."

He hesitated. I gave him a reasuring smile and he nodded, I dragged him to the kitchen and served him a full glass of milk. He drink the whole gallon, he was suddenly  'thirsty'.

I smiled while I watched him devour the milk. I just wanted to get over with everything, the sooner we got back home the better.

I was looking forward for it.

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