Chpt 30. Recovery

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Avril's POV

Something soft was under me, it felt as if I was floating on feathers.  Was I dead?

No. There was a stinging pain on my arm, I couldn't be dead.

I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't even feel them. I couldn't even move.

I tried again, but a bright light blinded me. My eyes closed again, and I submerged in a deep sleep.




I groaned. Something touched my arm, I tried to jerk it away, but it was too heavy.

I opened my eyes slowly, trying to adapt them to the light. It was all white, and I could barely make out someone standing in front of me.

"Caleb?" I tried

"She's not responding" an unknown male said

"I'm awake" I said louder "I'm awake"

"Well, it's about time" his voice sounded so far away "Someone will be really happy today"

I squinted my eyes, trying to clear my vision. It took several blinks to reveal the man in front of me.

He was tall, his brown hair showed some gray hairs, and so his crispy beard did.

"Who are you?" I asked

"Dr. Susman" he answered "A friend of your father"

I didn't reply back, I just nodded and turned my face to the side.

I was in a hospital, that explained why everything was so white. My injured arm was wrapped up, and a needle was stuck on my hand, carrying blood from a bag to my veins.

"What happened? I just.. Blacked out for a second" I mumbled "Where are the girls? And Caleb, why isn't he here? Something happened to him, and my dad?"

"Woa, hold on" he smiled "One question at a time. I just kicked them out, you needed to rest and they were a distraction. I assure you, your dad and your mate are outside; desiring to rip my throat because I'm keeping them away, I might add"

"I bet" I laughed weakly "They could come in thou"

"No, there is a couple holding them back there" He lifted my chin a bit, scanning my eyes "You look okay now"

"Good" I sighed, but then I regretted it. I was painful.

"Be careful. You have a couple of broken ribs" he warned

"Thanks for the heads up" I murmured

"I'll tell the Bennetts to bring them in" he walked towards the door "Unless you want to rest"

"No, I love to have them here" I shook my head

"Okay" he stepped out

I took a deep breath as I checked myself. I had some bruises on my free arm and my legs, I was covered with one of the ugly robe they force their patients in to.

I heard a growl outside. Unconsciously, I smiled; I knew it was Caleb.

As if hearing my thoughts he bursted into the room, his eyes were the eyes of a madman.

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