Chpt 22. Amy

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Here it is!! Sorry for grammar mistakes, and for the delay... I've been working double shifts all this week and I was too exhausted to write. I hope you guys like it!!

By the way, I need actors for the Bennett family, any suggestions?


Avril's POV

The blasting sound of an alarm clock woke me up. Groaning, I streched my body without getting out of the bed, my fingers running all over the soft material until a warm body jerked me up.

I popped myself on my elbows to find a unconscious Ashley, gosh she was so cute when she was quiet.

I headed to the restroom to brush my teeth, when I got back I pulled the sheets off of Ashley.

"Get up!" I called

She just stretched to fall back again

"Come on!" I laughed "Get your little ass out of the bed"

Again no answer. I groaned and slapped her ass before I walked out, I heard her complaining as she started to wake up. I chuckled on my way downstairs, she could be so childish sometimes.

Damn I was so hungry, I hoped Mrs. Bennett wouldn't mind if I assaulted her fridge. My feet made that sound when I walked on the wooden floor, it made me feel even more creepy.

I was pouring milk on a bowl when a footsteps interrupted me.

"Hi, you must be Avril" a guy said

I screamed and jumped aside grabbing a kitchen towel to hide my underwear. Mr. Bennett was with my father, there were no guys in the house, at least that's what I thought. This guy was tall, light brown hair; in other words, he was cute.

"What hell are you doing here?!" I yelled to him

"Oh, I'm sorry!" The guy turned around

"What's wrong?" Caleb rushed to the kitchen

"It wasn't my intentions Alpha" the guy started..

Caleb frowned confused at him before his eyes set on me, realization hit him like cold water.

"Why are you still here?" He growled to the guy "Get out"

"Yes Alpha" he nodded before he walked out of the kitchen

Caleb walked toward me with a mad expression.

"What are you doing dressed like that?" He asked

"Uhm... I don't know, going to a party?" I rolled my eyes "I just woke up you dumb"


"The question is, what are you doing in here?" I made a face "I thought that Mrs. Bennett was the only one here besides us"

"The witches had an emergency and we needed someone to keep an eye on you while your father talk to them" he shrugged

"And you volunteered" I huffed

"Yep, and I'm glad I did" he smirked

I tried to cover myself better with the small towel but it was useless. Lust was so evident in his eyes, you can even feel it radiating through his skin.

"And who's the other guy?" I asked

"Cory" I said "He insisted he had to come"

"Ashley's mate" I mumbled

"Yes, enough of them" he sighed

Grabbing my face between his strong hands, he pulled me to his lips. I kissed him back, enjoying the taste of him, enjoying the feeling of his touch. Without a warning, he lifted me and placed me on the kitchen counter, I wrapped my legs around his torso and pressed myself against him.

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