Chpt 29. Deadly encounter

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Hey! I wanted to update sooner but my babysis was in the Hospital.

There's just one, or probably two chapters left.  :-(

This is the hardest chapter I've ever written, It took me like, forever to come up with it.

So let me know what you think!!


Avril's POV


I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry, my ears were ringing loudly.

Slowly, my vision focused more, allowing me to see my surroundings.

I was inside of a car, or what it looked like a car but upside down. There was someone outside, I could see bodies on the ground.

"Ashley, open your eyes"


Something grabbed my legs and pulled me out.

My head throbbed, and I had to shut my eyes in pain.

Last time I checked, I was with Caleb at our place, but now...

I was being dragged out of a totaled car. Water welcomed me, it was pouring heavily, my clothes were soaked with mud.

"Are you okay?"

I groaned and turned my face towards the voice.

"Avril" Amy shook me a little

"What the hell happened?" I sat up

"Long story" she said

I looked around; I was surrounded by trees. Amy helped me to get on my feet, I was a bit sore but it was nothing serious.

Slowly, I walked to the other side of the car, where Ashley lay unconscious on Cloe's arms.

"What happened to her?" I kneeled next to them

"She hit her head when Amy pulled us out of the road" Cloe glared at Amy "She didn't had her seatbelt on"

"That was the only way" Amy replied "Otherwise we would be dead"

Ashley had a stain of blood in her forehead, and her leg had a awkward twist; it was broken. Her chest rose slowly, weakly, but at least she was breathing.

Water slipped acroos my face, soaking me completely; five minutes ago I was somewhere else.

"What happened?" I asked

"Keep up Avril" Cloe said "We crashed"

"I can see that" I replied "What hell am I doing here?"

Cloe remained silent, but her eyes flickered toward Amy for a fraction of a second.

I turned to face Amy, she avoided to look at me back. There was something in her eyes; shame, fear, anger... Guilt.

Suddenly, a memory invaded my mind; Amy was supposed to babysit me while the other were fighting. That's what they planned, that's what Caleb wanted.

But she didn't touch me, she couldn't.

"What did you do?" I stood up

Amy sighed and took a step back, lifting her hands in surrender.

"It wasn't my idea" she said

"I was somewhere else, at Caleb's place" I said "The fight is over, right? We won"

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