Chpt 10. You're a vampire

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I can't stop writing. I love all your comments and they make me want to keep going so here it is!!!


Avril's POV

Caleb's chest raised slowly, making his bare torso increase its size. 

His face was so peaceful, so beautiful that I felt like crying.

I woke up at 1 am with a crazy impulse and desire, now it was 4 am; I spend three hours standing in front of Caleb's bed. He was sleeping peacefully while I was being a creeper, but I couldn't help it. I couldn't make myself leave even when I knew I was supposed to in my home by now, it wouldn’t' take long before my dad discovered where I was.

Caleb stirred on the bed and I froze, what could I say if he woke up?

"Avril" he groaned

I took a step back to hide in the shadows. He rolled to his side in complete unconsciousness. 

I sighed, relieved but at the same time I blushed at the realization of my presence in his dreams. 

I stood there till the sun started to rise, I left the room and headed downstairs; to the kitchen.

I knew he would try to interrogate me today but I was going to do my best to distract him, at least until I found a way to call my dad. I decided to make breakfast for both of us, I better try to get him in a good mood before the bomb exploded.

I was half way of my pancakes creation when he stepped into the kitchen. He was wearing just his pajamas pants, leaving his bare chest uncovered. I felt my mouth watered and I looked away blushing. What was wrong with me?

"Good morning" he smiled hugely

"Good morning" I replied while focusing on the stove

He walked toward me and bent to kiss my cheek. I flinched, no because I didn't want him to kiss me, but because he was too close and the temptation to bite him was huge. He noticed my reaction and took a step back

"I know you're still mad about last night" he said "I already told you, I won't let him come here anymore"

"Why...?" I asked

"What? Do you want my father in here?" he was shocked

"No, I mean, why did he said that?" I corrected

"You're human" he shrugged "Don't feel bad, he hates everybody. Including me"

I felt bad for him. He was unaware of how awful that was; I would die if I had that kind relationship with my dad.

"Why does he hates you?" I asked "You're his son"

"He is selfish and arrogant" he said while he fixed the table "He was more a dictator than a leader, so when I turned 18 I had to take his title. He loved his power and now he doesn't have anything"

He passed me the plates, and I served the pancakes. We sat in silence for a while, and tried to pretend I didn't notice his stare.

"What?" I asked

He laughed and shook his head

"I don't understand you" he admitted "Last night you kiss me, then you acted cold, and then you got in my room while I was asleep"

"What?" I nearly choked 

 "Your smell is in my room" he smirked "And I'm sure it wasn't there last night"

I looked down blushing. Great, now he had a reason to tease me. 
I pretended to be very busy with my food while he studied my face.

"Avril" he sighed

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