Chpt 17. Family dinner

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Hello!!! Happy New Year!!!

So, this is another chapter. Sorry I didn't update sooner, i've been busy. Besides, my birthday was on Dec 25 and I had to take a few days.

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Avril’s POV

Caleb and I held hands while we stepped through the door. Ashley told me it was an elegant dinner, so I curled my hair, and my strapless pink dress had a flowing hem, just like waves. It wasn’t long or short, it reached my mid-thigh. Because of Caleb’s insistence I was wearing black heels, I wasn’t worried about balance, I mean; I was a vampire, but I wasn’t used to wear them.

Caleb was gorgeous. He was wearing a buttoned long sleeved shirt, but he rolled the sleeves up to his elbowr. I held his hand tighter when we entered the dining room, I was nervous by the fact that his family was there.

Caleb's mom was waiting for us,

 I smiled at her when she complimented my dress; at least I wasn’t overdressed because she was wearing a dress herself. I glanced at the table where his father and his sister sat, Ashley waved at me and I waved back.

“Let’s take a seat” Caleb murmured in my hear “This should be interesting”

We sat next to each other; the table was far too big for just 5 people. The table was filled with food; roasted chicken, potatoes, rice and cupcakes. Wow, Caleb’s mom was a really good cook. As if I called her, she walked toward us a served Caleb and me some wine.

“Tell me Avril, does a vampire eat food?” she asked

“Yeah” I suppressed a smiled “They can get drunk too”

“Oh… I won’t serve too much then” she smiled

Caleb took a sip of his cup to hide his smile; I elbowed him on the ribs and mouthed what? He shook his head and watched intensely at his mother, he has that frustrated look on his face.

“Mom, who are we waiting for?” He sighed

“Avril’s dad” Ashley said when her mother didn’t answer

“My dad?” I asked “I didn’t know you invited him”

“It wouldn’t be a family dinner if he weren’t here, right?” Mariel shrugged

I half smiled. It was kind of flattering that she thought of me and my dad as her family, I didn’t see any problem with having him here.

“Mom” Caleb sighed “You could have told me this earlier”

“It’s okay” I said “I bet he would love to come”

Caleb looked at me before he turned toward his sister; she flinched and looked around in confusion. Damn, she didn’t know I was a vampire.

“Ashley” Caleb said “Avril’s dad is coming.... and he is not a human, so I don’t want you to freak out”

Ashley frowned. I bit my lips; I just hoped she wouldn’t hate me after this. I was about to speak when the door knocked. Mariel stood up and disappeared in the hallway, just a few seconds later she reappeared with my dad and Rachel behind her.

My dad was wearing his suit, and Rachel was gorgeous in a golden dress. I saw as Ashley flinched when she saw them, she was openmouthed; literally.

She turned toward me then toward my dad; she has a frown in her face. Bill, Caleb’s dad laughed at this, it was the first sound he made after we arrived, I saw how Caleb stared at his dad and I got worried that they could try to attack each other again.

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