Chpt 20. The Bennett's

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Avril's POV

"Hi grandpa" I smiled "Welcome home"

Grandpa smiled at me before Caleb brought him inside. He was on a wheelchair just in case he collapsed.

"Hello darling" he said warmly

Dad's friends were about to arrive, so it was the best moment to move Grandpa to his house again. I was sure that he would get better once the doctor treated him.

"I'm so glad you're here" he smiled "I'm so sorry"

"Hey, you have nothing to apologize" I interrupted "Everything it's okay"

"He's been apologizing all the way here" Layla chuckled "Just ignore him, it's the age"

"Age? I'm strong as a horse, do you think these gray hairs are for nothing? I am in better shape than any of you will be at my age...." He ranted while Layla-who by the way was laughing her ass out-rolled him to the kitchen

I laughed while Caleb wrapped his arm around me. I looked up to see his face, I could feel my cheeks turning red; before your imagination turns morbid, no, we didn't do it last night, but that doesn't mean he didn't try.

"He'll be fine" Caleb smiled at me "Now, we should go. Your father must be impatient already"

"You're right" I nodded "I'll just say goodbye"

He kissed my forehead before he walked outside. I let Layla know what was going on, she wished me luck since she wouldn't be attenting, she rather stay home with Grandpa.

By the time I got outside Caleb was already in wolf form. I would never get tired of him, he was so cute as a wolf.

"Hey, boy" I scratched his head "Why don't you give momma a kiss?"

Without hesitation his wet tongue ran from my cheek to my hairline. I chuckled; it was really ticklish.

"Good boy" I kissed the top of his nose

He kneeled down for me to get on top of him, I grabbed a fistful of his fur and used it to steady myself.

"Let's go" I said

Caleb sprinted towards the woods, the wind blowed my hair up, I was petty sure it would look like a haystack once we arrive.

I was kind of nervous even when Dad explained to me already that some of his friends were mateless, but they weren't rogues, they knew better what the thing with me was.

I just hoped Caleb would understand it.

When we finally got Caleb's house we realize that somebody was already here. A black Sedan was parked outside, and I was sure it didn't belong to nobody I knew.

"It's seem that we're late" I got off of Caleb's back

I waited for him to dress up again, trying to NOT picture in my mind what my eyes were missing. When he was done we walked inside hand in hand.

Dad, Rachel and Daniel were already there, but somebody else was there too.

Two women and a man were standing in the living room. One of the women was blond, green eyed, and she was at her forties. The man was taller than her, black haired and with a deepth stare. They were standing so close to eachother, it was obvious they were a couple.

The other woman, was in her early twenties, pale skin and pitch black hair, her eyes were super light gray, she almost seemed blind.

The weirdest thing of all how close Daniel was standing from her, his eyes were glued to her and he didn't even realized we were there.

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