Chpt 19. Vampire attack

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Okay, so this chapter isn't as long as I hoped but I wish you guys like it anyways. And yes, I know it has mistakes, I'll fix that later and many of you might notice that I went back an fixed some of the old chapters... I know waiting can be frustrating but I can't update everyday so please have patience...

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Caleb's POV

We chased the vampires and killed them one by one, it was a repetitive task because they kept appearing from the deep of the woods. I jumped to the side when one of them tried to reach me, with one bite I ripped his throat before I attacked another one. It was a bloodbath; these vampires weren't even worthy to kill, they were just kids. Just a waste of time.

"They are running away" Cam noticed

"I don't care" I growled "I won't take any chances. Get rid of them all"

We chased them and surrounded them; there were just 5 of them and 15 of us. Easy cake. I was about to jump over one of the vampires when suddenly I felt somebody trying to reach my mind.

"Caleb!!" My mother's voice echoed in my head

I tensed. The image of my sister being held by a vampire flowed through my mind. I growled.

"Cam, lead the young ones" I ordered "The rest come with me"

I turned around and sprinted towards the house, my dad, Ashley's mate and 7 of the oldest wolves in the pack followed me.

My paws crashed against the wet ground with an amazing speed, I felt a rush of rage running through my body as we got closer to my house.

I stopped immediately when I saw at least 10 vampires guarding in my front yard. It was all set up; they had got me outside the house and now we were outnumbered. The vampires snarled at us with their sharp fangs growing rapidly, I growled back and lunged forward.

I wasn't going to let them hurt my family, I had to protect them. The vampires attacked and my pack did the same; I jumped over the nearest leech and ripped his head off, then jumped to the next. I saw one of my wolves being smashed to the ground with two leeches on top of him. I ran toward him but a pain on my side made me stop ; a vampire was holding on to me, biting me. I reached for him but another one stopped me, he was on top of me, suddenly I was smacked against a tree, my ribs cracked against each other.

One look around revealed that more vampires had arrived, we couldn't take them all.

I was lying on the ground when I saw her.

Avril's POV

I walked towards the guy, I could feel my dad's eyes locked on my back but I didn't let that stop me. When I approached to him the air tensed, he took a deep breath before pushing Ashley away and grabbing me instead. He locked my hands behind my back, his nose ran all the way from my shoulder to the back of my neck.

I heard my dad growl, and I shut him up with a look. Ashely was with them now, both her and her mother had shift into big, mad she wolves.

"Now what?" I asked to my captor "You won't stand a chance"

"I have you where I want" he hissed into my ear

I looked at my dad and he just nodded. With a swift movement I elbowed his ribcage with all the strength I had, he bent forward with a groan, and I turned around to smash my fist against his face.

I saw the other vampires jump over me, but just to get caughg by my father's hands. I saw the she wolves dismember one vampire, blood and body pieces flying around, while Rachel broke the neck of another one. She was badass.

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