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Bolt {Louis Tomlinson AU} by LoganEPoole
Bolt {Louis Tomlinson AU}by logan e. poole
#658 in Action (10-19-2014) #17 in Action (12-29-2014) #20 Action (1-2-15) _________ By day, Athena Bolton attends the University of New York, majoring in photography. S...
  • romance
  • superhero
  • wolverine
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Three Pairs of Eyes (Warriors Fanfic) by SohviWillBeMissed
Three Pairs of Eyes (Warriors Sohvistar
Three sisters: Shadekit, Creamkit and Shadowkit were born half moon earlier then planned and are smaller and weaker than other kits. But when they become apprentices, ev...
  • warriors
  • warriorcats
  • clans
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Bad Boys With Claws [DISCONTINUED] by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Claws [DISCONTINUED]by Jojo B [EXAMS]
Tara is a rogue. She's been roaming the country with a band of them for the last three years, searching for what may just be an ancient myth. Although each of the four...
  • rogue
  • elixir
  • paranormal
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The Beast In The Pit by RandomAnimal
The Beast In The Pitby RandomAnimal
Bk. 1 of the beast series Damon is a beast. With four inch claws and razor sharp teeth much like a shark's, that part was obvious. He had been kidnapped and forced to fi...
  • bloodandgore
  • gladiator
  • mates
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Claws [Sequel To Fangs] by An_Intr0vert
Claws [Sequel To Fangs]by An_Intr0vert
[Sequel] Just as the drama seems to be dissipating, Caleb's past comes back for vengeance and a long chain of new, more threatening and dangerous problems are forced upo...
  • sequel
  • fantasy
  • vampire
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
  • moon
  • vampire
  • last
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Alpha Werewolf x  Omega reader (Girl) by creepypasta-girl
Alpha Werewolf x Omega reader ( creepypasta-girl
(y/n)= your name. (y/n) is a omega, the lowest rank in the werewolf tribe. She was once the alpha, but lost her position to a fight with the other tribe. She was disresp...
  • wolf-reader
  • romance
  • tribe
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A Different Kind of Animal by RosalieTarr
A Different Kind of Animalby Rosalie Tarr
Imprisoned in an underground laboratory his entire life, eighteen-year-old Leonardo finally escapes, entering the real world for the first time. Overwhelmed by all the n...
  • laboratory
  • interrogation
  • experiment
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Clear Skies - Dragon Reincarnation  by intoxicatedwolf
Clear Skies - Dragon Reincarnation by Theintoxicatedidiot
One hour im studying, the next I turn up dead trying to save a meer animal. I'm an animal freak and I love all things in nature, bees, flies, bugs, snakes, cats, wolves...
  • dragon
  • romanticidiot
  • humor
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The Human Werewolf by crazykotsyf
The Human Werewolfby Fangirl In A Trenchcoat
Sophia's life turned upside down when her family was attacked. She was only four at the time... She managed to run away and met Jason, a werewolf. His family took her i...
  • ghost
  • mermaid
  • hybrid
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DOOMED by EmptyHopes_
DOOMEDby EmptyHopes_
After the occurrence of an outbreak that sent people into a frenzy of madness, it never crossed Feather Waldo's mind that she would fall a victim to the foreign virus; t...
  • friends
  • angel
  • betrayal
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Claws. by The_Sarcastic_
#12 The_Sarcastic_
REWRITE OF ELECTRIC CAT. Jamie brown and her brothers, William and Chase have stumbled into a war between vampires and werewolves, favouring the wolves of Willows' Moon...
  • mates
  • love
  • werewolf
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Fangs and  Claws by GabrielaR
Fangs and Clawsby Ana
18 year old Avril is a half vampire-half human girl that in an atempt to meet the only human family she have; her grandpa, she decides to travel behind her dad's back.Sh...
  • action
  • avrillavigne
  • vampire
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Individual Animal Roleplay by PrissyIsThunder
Individual Animal Roleplayby 🍪Cookies :3🍪
I'm bored and want a new roleplay :3 So I made this :3
  • roleplay
  • rules
  • forms
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Kindred Souls by annemarshallofficial
Kindred Soulsby Anne Marshall
A friendship created by chance, one running from her life and the other running from the people that want him dead. Lives are torn apart, stitch back together, only to b...
  • teenpregnancy
  • fakeddeath
  • alphafight
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The Raven and the Wraith Book 2 by Rahvin
The Raven and the Wraith Book 2by Rahvin
Rahvin and Kiera are in the Other. The shadowy, inverted realm, tied to Rahvins past, and home of the Shadowfall he carries. They must return that dark energy to its ri...
  • fighting
  • sword
  • magic
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Transformation by GUESTGAMINGYT
Transformationby FacePunBonnie
Three 12 year olds are livings normal lives, until...
  • magic
  • jaguar
  • prophecy
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The Assassin  by RandomAnimal
The Assassin by RandomAnimal
Seth has been taken away and raised by a man named Malakai. He has been trained to be an assassin, to kill anyone for anyone who pays and to do so without getting caught...
  • dog
  • mature
  • beast
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For The Love Of My Alpha by dark_angel810
For The Love Of My Alphaby dark_angel810
  • werewolf
  • alpha-mate
  • brothers-bestfriend
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Smile ♔ Warriors  by Birboon
Smile ♔ Warriors by b i r d i e
and to sadness he was drawn like rot and decay. he would sow his legacy amongst the bones of the dead and become witness to the new world. a world void of all fear and h...
  • insane
  • kittens
  • happy
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