Chpt 4. Intruder

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Caleb's POV

I couldn't help myself. I knew she would get mad at me, but she was mine and I wanted everybody to know.

I was kissing her neck, sucking it. It tasted so good that I wanted to take her and make her mine as soon as possible. I heard a soft moan escaping from her lips while she wrapped her hands on my hair, pulling me toward her. I let my hands wandered over her tiny waist to her prominent hips. I could feel myself growing too much it hurt.

I knew she wanted me as bad as I wanted her, she was ready for me.

I let my teeth sank into her neck, marking her as mine. I held her tighter in case she pulled away in pain, but I heard her gasp in pleasure, weird.

Then I heard the most annoying sound ever, I hated that band, I hated their music, my sister played almost every day.

The sound was too loud, it was to close and it didn't let me keep my focus.

I stopped my lips next to hers and I cursed when I realize where the sound was coming from.

She pulled away from me, reaching for her pocket; her blushed face became pale as she looked at the screen

"What's wrong?" I was really worried at her expression

"Um.. Nothing, it's just... um..."she couldn't keep her hands in one place "I need to go"

"No!" I said thinking of her leaving me

"To the room" She explained "I need.... a moment alone"

She didn't wait for me to answer; she spun around and ran to the stairs. I would have gone behind her but I felt someone trying to communicate with me through my mind, I made myself accessible; it was Cameron, my Beta

"Alpha we have intruders in the west side, near the lake" he said, his voice was full of alarm

"Rogues?" I wondered

"No" He paused a few seconds "I know this may sound impossible but... we found vampires"

Avril's POV

After I locked the door, I waited a few seconds to make sure Caleb hadn't followed me, when I felt I was alone I called my Dad back.

The phone didn't even ringed once when he answered

"Avril where are you?!! Are you okay?" he yelled with a lot more exasperated questions

I waited a few seconds for him to calm down, when I finally couldn't hear his voice anymore I put the phone back to my ear.

"Are you there?" I asked cautiously

"Avril" he said my name as if it were a bad word "Where are you?"

"I just finished dinner with my friend" I wasn't practically lying

"Dinner?" he mocked "At 8 am?"

I looked outside. It was already dark

"What are you talking about?" I murmured

"Is morning in Italy" he almost growled "That's where you were supposed to be, remember? At the art school?"

Damn, I was so busted.

"Look dad, I'm sorry" I started

"Just tell me where you are" He ordered

"I'm still in the U.S" I explained "Don't worry everything is okay"

"Tell me exactly where you are, I'm taking a plane right now"

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