Chpt 8. Cheater

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Hey, I been thinking about a real cast for my characters!!!

Avril is played by Avril Lavigne, obviously.

I've been thinking of Kellan Lutz as Caleb, and of the gorgeous Chris Hemsworth as Avril's dad

Selena Gomez will be Caleb's sister

What do you think?? I still don't know about the rest but I'm thinking of Shane West as Daniel...


Avril's POV

"So did you call my dad?" I asked Daniel

He brought me to the hotel he was staying while he was in his business travel.

At first I had my doubts and remembered how many other vampires tried to make a fool of me to get me by myself, but I was sure that if he wanted to do something he would have already.

By this time we were already in his room, he was looking for some of his clothes for me to sleep into.

"No yet, but I will" he turned to look at me "We were supposed to meet in this town in two weeks"

"He was coming here?" I was curious

"Yeah, we always have our meetings in different places" he smiled as if remembered something "Last one was in L.A., the best place ever"

He pulled out a shirt and a pair of pajama pants and handed them to me.

"This should fit you well" he assured

"Thanks" I murmured awkwardly

I stood there just looking at him, waiting for him to leave but he didn't seem to notice

"Uhm.... Are you waiting for me to strip in front of you or what?" I raised an eyebrow and he blushed, yeah, blushed!!

"I'm sorry I was deep in thought" he mumbled as he walked to the little living room "You can sleep if you want, I'll sleep on the couch. If you need something just call me"

I nodded and locked the door. I wasn't sleepy so I decided to take a shower,

I took my time to enjoy it while I fought with my thoughts; I hated it! I hated mates, why couldn't I just move on and forget everything about him instead of thinking about how much I would love to have him here with me?

When I stepped out of the shower I blow dried my hair. The restroom was filled with men stuff; shaving lotion, razors, gel... condoms.

I blushed and shook my head, Why would he need them when the only one who could get pregnant by him was his mate?

Yeah, there were baby vampires, but both of their parents were vamps. They were born human and stayed human till eighteen, just then they start craving blood, and getting stronger and faster. Why would I born human and became vampirish at two? I didn't know.

When I finished I stepped out to the room and started to get dressed.

I was just finishing clasping up my bra when I heard something crashing outside. I stood still for a few seconds and then I heard footsteps coming closer. I threw myself towards the bed and reached for Daniel's shirt, I had just finished putting it on when the door flew open.

Caleb's POV

When we reached the hotel I felt as if my heart would explode. My body ached for her; I just wanted to take her back with me.

"Cameron, Elliot, and you two" I pointed to my biggest fighters "Come with me, the rest five will wait for us in here, be alert"

They nodded once and turn to the lobby. I let her scent lead me to the room; we took the elevator to the fifth floor. I walked slowly through the corridor, breathing deeply.

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