Chpt 13. Daddy

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Caleb's POV

Daniel gave me a deadly look; I give it back as well. What was his problem? I just let him go, without questions or torture because Avril asked me to, and now he was here as if he wanted to kill me. Stupid and ungrateful leech. 

The back door opened and a man stood out, he looked like a business man because he was wearing a tux. But, when I finally saw him I growled; it was the same guy in Avril's phone, the one that always hugged and kissed her in the photos. It was the same man/guy I talked trough the phone, the one who called Avril 'honey'.

"Hello" he nodded respectfully

I just narrowed my eyes and nodded back. Since when a vampire is so... Elegant?

"What are you doing here?" I demanded "This is not vampire territory"

"I'm aware of that" he looked around "I won't take long anyways"

"What do you want?" I asked

He ignored me and kept looking; searching. I followed his gaze, he was looking at my pack, and his eyes stopped over Layla. She seemed to notice this and her body tensed.

"Layla" he smiled "A pleasure to meet you... Finally"

"What?" she mumbled

"Now, where is Marcus?" he raised his voice "I've been waiting 20 years to meet him"

My pack exchanged looks. Daniel seemed to suppress a smiled while he contemplated my pack.

"I won't repeat it again" I called him "What do you want?"

"Oh, I apologize, Alpha" he sounded sincere "I just came to take what's mine. I might add that I didn't like the scene you both were performing on the road"

I scoffed. So he saw us making out, big deal. Daniel growled as well, he gave me that look again. Jealous??

"What I do is none of your business" I stated

"If you do it with Avril it is" Daniel replied

"Avril is not your concern" I spat "She's my mate"

"You are lying" he hissed "She can't be, she's a... She's not a wolf"

"Daniel" the guy gave him a look

The guy turned back to me and sighed deeply. He took a step towards me with a smiled on his face. I knew I should be alert of having a vampire too close, but he didn't emanate danger, he irradiate authority and respect.

"You're a good guy" he said "I can feel it; you would be a good mate. But right now I need to see her"

"No, I won't let any of your kind get close to her" I growled remembering the pheromone thing "I you tried to lay a hand on her...."

"Caleb!" Avril's voice interrupted me

Everybody turned towards her. She was stepping out of the door and walking towards me, what was she doing? She was the one who say that she wouldn't get close to vampires, male vampires.

"Avril, go back inside" I ordered

She ignored me a walked straight forward. Not toward me, toward them.  

When she passed me by I grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

"Are you crazy?" I asked

"Let her go" Daniel took a step forward, but the guy stopped him

"Caleb, is okay" she said smiling "They won't hurt me"

"What?" I frowned "How can you..."

I didn't finish because she pushed me away. I stumbled back a few steps while she ran toward him; they joined into an tight embrace. 

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