Chpt 7. Daniel

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Avril's POV

I rested my head on the window and let my eyes shut down. I tried to avoid self-pity, I wouldn't let myself break down until I got home.

I opened my eyes and looked around, the rest of the bus was almost empty and I still have to wait half an hour to get to my destination, then I'll had to catch a plane to Alaska, the fastest I put distance between Caleb and I the better.

My heart sank when I thought of his name, the fact that I would never see him again made me want to die, I knew it was stupid, mate or not, to feel something so strong for a guy I just meet a day ago but I couldn't help it; I loved him.

And that was the reason why I left, we couldn't be together, and I didn't want to be rejected, I rather disappear by myself than being humiliated and rejected when he realizes I was a vampire.

When I got to my stop the first thing I did was look for a public phone; I had left my cell in Caleb's car, how smart is that?

Lucky me I stole Josh's wallet and I had some cash, maybe twenty or so.

I dialed my Dad's phone.

"Dad?" I started

"Abby?" I smiled when I heard my nickname, which meant he was in good mood "Are you okay?"

"Does something bad need to happen for me to call you?" I joked

"Well, it is now because you're not with me" he protested

"Calm down daddy, I'm a big girl, I can take care of myself" I sighed "I'm on my way home"

"You are?" he sounded happy "Where are you now?"

"On a bus stop, I was going to take a plane but I lost my passport" I confessed "Can you get me a new one? And a plane ticket? I don't have any money"

"Where is your passport?" his voice was serious "Avril Williams where is your passport?"

My full name. This wasn't a good sign

"Uhm... I kind of leave in a rush and I forgot to get it" I mumbled

"And why were you in a rush?" he inquired "Are you running from someone? Are you hurt? Avril tell me, have a vampire seen you?"

"No, no, I'm okay" I rushed "Dad, really don't worry I'm safe I....

The line went dead and when I turned around I found a pair of green eyes looking at me.

He was tall, dark haired, and well dressed. He was good looking, but what vampire wasn't?

I tensed and my body prepared itself to fight, I gave him a deadly look.

"Back off" I hissed at him

"That how you treat your own kind?" He pretend concern "Daddy should teach you manners"

"No, Daddy taught me how to get rid of creatures like you"

The vampire smiled. It was weird, they have never spoken to me before, and they just try to get on my pants.

"You are a though one, child" He laughed "I'm impressed"

"What do you want?" I asked "And why aren't you... attacking me?"

He tilted his head to the side smirking

"No offense, you have a strong smell, a really good one I might add but I'm not interested" He shrugged "I have a mate"

"A mate?" I repeated

"Exactly, your pheromones don't affect me" he seemed proud of it "And why would I want to sleep with a little girl anyways?"

I raised an eyebrow, he looked like a 24 years old guy, but with vampires you never know, just like my Dad; he looked no older than 25 but he was 50 or so, yeah I know, it's not that old, but did you really think vampires live forever? That's bull; they only get older slower than anybody else.

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