Chpt 27. Under her spell

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Avril's POV

"Wake up" his voice caressed my ear

I stirred on the sheets, my body was numb, exhausted. I opened my eyes to find an expectant Caleb next to me, he smirked as he leaned to kiss me.

"Good morning sleeping  beauty"

"It's morning already?" I mumbled

"No" he laughed "It's one am"

I groaned. Great, I slept for 20 minutes.

"Get up" he kneeled on the bed

He was naked, and even when we'd already mate I couldnt take my eyes out of it.

"What?" He smiled

"Nothing" I turned my face "I'll take a shower, I'm all... dirty"

I was a mess, I'd stained the sheets. I guess the bleeding part wasn't a lie. I had to wash them later.

I got off the bed and headed to the bathroom, taking a look behind me to see Caleb. He was staring at my naked behind, very sutil.

I gave him a smile, he understood and followed me to the shower with a smiled of his own.


"Where are we meeting the others?" I asked

We were in his car by now, it was like 3:30 am. He was silent, as if something was bugging him.

"Right here" he mumbled

I stared out of the window, there was a couple of people waiting for us on the side of the road.

Caleb stopped the car right in front of them, the lights of the car shinning on them. My dad and Rachel were there, also the Bennetts and Daniel, and... Ashley and Cloe?

"Hey" I said as I stepped out of the car

They smiled and nodded, but nobody spoke. There was something in their faces indicating a bad thing. Could they tell I'd already mated with Caleb? That would be awkward.

"What's wong?" I asked

"It's time" dad said "The groups are waiting for us to lead them"

"Oh" I mumbled "Which group I'm in? It'll be yours or Caleb's right?"

Dad sighed. Rachel put a hand over his arm, trying to comfort him.

"What's wrong?" I repeated

"You'll stay with Amy" Caleb said

"What?." I protested "It'll be better if we stay together, that way we can protect eachother"

"No, you'll be better if you stay safe"

"So you're ditching me?" I raised my voice "With Amy?"

"If you see it that way" He replied "Yes. I am. But try to see my point of view, I can't lose you"

"They're coming after me, remember?" I was getting mad "I'm supposed to hide while everyone risks their lives?"

"Great" he sighed in frustration"It's late. Amy?"

She walked up to me with an apologetically smiled. She raised her arm to touch mine, but I flinched when I saw a spark coming out of it.

I hissed at her, making her retreat.

"What are you doing?" I demanded

"Nothing" she took a step back

"Avril we have to go" Caleb said "You'll be in my group, okay?"

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