Chpt 1. Welcome to the family

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Avril's POV

It was almost midnight when the plane reached its destination. I took a deep breath, I was ready for this. This would be the first time I had ever seen my grandpa. You may think is stupid but he was the only family-besides my dad-I had.

My mother died when I was born; she was 20 by that time, my father took care of me and took me with him to travel the world, he never liked to stay too long in one place, except by my side.

My Dad never allowed me to have contact with my grandpa with the exception of phone calls or letters; and he was not a bad guy or anything, it was just a precaution because he was, well, we were vampires.

At least he was, I had my human side because of my mom but still my vampire side was stronger, well it was if I feed constantly, when not, like today, I was merely human; with regular human senses and strength.

My dad refused to let me come to this town, he said it was dangerous for me to wandered all by myself; that's why he didn't know I was here, to him, I would be in prestigious art school I was invited to all summer.

The electronic nasal voice on the plane pulled me out of my thoughts telling us it was okay step out now. I was nervous as I got to the terminal; my eyes kept searching for him. I finally spotted a man with light brown hair and some gray hair shinning under the light, he had light gray eyes and he was holding a paper with the name Avril Williams printed in black. As I got close to him his eyes widened, he came forward

"Avril?" he half smiled.

"Grandpa, it's me" I said smiling

"You look just like your mother" he said hugging me

I smiled awkwardly; I'd heard that a lot.

"You must be tired" he said" Let's go home"

I followed him as he helped me out with my bags. He introduced me to a woman; his wife, but no my grandma, though. He met her when he moved to this town, when he was 23 and mom was a toddler.

We talked all the way to his house, he was nice. And I just discovered that thanks to Layla; that's grandpa's wife, I had two uncles and three cousins. Well, bye small family.

When I was in the car I was welcomed by the smell of leather, tobacco and a faint smell of dogs.

The house was so far away from the town that I probably could set it on fire and nobody would notice. There were a couple of people inside when I arrived; Two men around 40's, they looked exactly the same.

"Avril, these are your uncles; Jack and Steven" grandpa said.

"Hi, I... oh!!" I didn't expect for Uncle Jack to pull me into a hug

"Welcome to the family" He smirked.

"Thank you" I murmured

I couldn't ignore the way uncle Steven looked at me, he narrowed his eyes as if he wanted to look me better, he didn't say hello either, he just nodded lightly in my direction.

"And I am your amazing cousin; Elliot" one of the guys joked

He was a tall, light brown haired guy with a warm smile. I laughed, but I couldn't help to see how a girl rolled her eyes annoyed.

"These are Cloe and Cameron" grandpa said pointing at the girl and the other boy

The girl was really pretty; she had dark brown hair, and big brown eyes. The guy had the same hair color, but his eyes were more hostile, more business-like.

"They are Jack's kids"

"Nice to meet you" I said

They murmured some 'hellos' and after grandpa's insistence that I had to rest they left.

"You should rest" Layla said leading me to my room.

I liked her; Layla. She was very sweet, very motherly with me.

I was lying on the bed trying to get some sleep but I couldn't help it; something was off. I thought it was my imagination, the smell I felt in the airport and in the car, but in here it was even stronger. I couldn't figure it out, I was familiar with a human smell but I have never felt this scent before and I knew it wasn't human. When I finally drifted to sleep I heard a weak howl, I wasn't sure it was real because I was already blacking out.

When I woke up it was already midday. Wow, I was really tired and the fact I was thirsty didn't help.

I took a shower really quickly trying to get outside as fast as I could, it was sunny, and because of my dad's decision we had to live in Alaska or other desolated place. So, it was nice to get some vitamin D from time to time.

I got into my black skinny jeans and my artistically ripped on the back t-shirt, I lace on my converse and then stepped in front of the mirror. Damn vampires' genes, I was too pale in comparison to everybody in here, and I was probably the only one in the family with blond hair. As I made my way outside I realize the house was full of people, it seemed that there was a party going on.

"Avril!" Somebody called me

I smiled when I spotted Elliot walking toward me with a goofy grin on his face.

"What's going on?" I asked Elliot.

"That old man decided to invite the whole town to a barbecue" he grinned

"Wow" I murmured

"Come with me, I want to introduce you some of my friends"

I followed him to where some guys were talking, I saw my other two cousins there, Cloe seemed to be stuck in a dude's arm, and she was obviously flirting.

"Hey guys" Elliot called the attention as we joined them "This is my cousin, Avril"

"Hi" I Smiled

Everybody answered back, with the exception of my other two cousins, their eyes were glued to the guy Cloe was flirting five seconds ago. Soon everybody was staring at him, but he wasn't even paying attention to them because his eyes were glued on me. His gray eyes were penetrating mines; he was tall, huge in comparison with me. His black hair was a contrast with his light skin, but not pale, just light but tanned. He was so damn hot.

Suddenly, a current went through my body, from head to toe.

"Mine" the guy said

"What?" I asked as everybody gasped in shock

"You are mine" he repeated "My mate"

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