Chapt 23. Curse, love and tears

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Amy's POV

Heaven. Blissful heaven.

That's what his lips tasted like.

His strong arm around waist, his other hand behind my neck to keep me in place, which I considered unnecessary because I didn't feel like stoping this.

Snap out of it Amy! This can't be happening, this is so wrong.

I placed my hands against his chest and tried to push him away but he wouldn't bulge. He was too strong for me.

I pressed my lips together, trying to stop his tongue from entering my mouth again. I groaned at my second attempt to push him.

This is not your fault, Amy. He had it coming so don't feel bad about it..

I let my inner energy flow to my palms, and without effort I released it. Daniel flew away from me, a couple of meters down the road, where he landed harsly on the cold ground.

My stomach twisted, I'd hurt him.

He got up slowly, with a pained and sad expression on his face.

Burning prints of my palms were on the front of his shirt, smoke coming out of them.

He frowned and touched his chest, as if he couldn't believe what I did.

I couldn't believe it either, witches weren't supposed to hurt their mates. It went against our moral.

He looked up to me, rage clouded his face.

In a second he was in front of me, his hands wrapped my arms tightly but still with enough care to not harm me.

"Why?" He growled "Why did you do that?"

"You wouldn't let me go otherwise" I replied "Now get your hands off of me!"

"You kissed me back" he half smiled

"Are you drunk?" I laughed "I never did"

"You don't fool me" he sighed "I know you feel the same, but your motives... Are still a mystery to me"

"No, you're fooling yourself" I shook my head "Now release me, or is that you want to fly again?"

He shuddered. I knew what that felt like, it was painful. Slowly, his hands loosened it's hold; I pushed him away as soon as I could.

He looked away, dark and somber shadows covered his face. He was in pain.

And all because of me.

"Alright then" he sighed

His eyes locked mines in a intimate way before he turned around and walked away. I saw his back disappear through the woods surrounding the house, and with every step he took, my pain increased.

"You're an idiot"

Avril's POV

"What?" Amy asked

"You heard me" I sighed

"That's not of your concern" She spat

"No, maybe not" I agreed

She turned her face in the direction I asked Daniel to leave, that way he wouldn't run with any wolves on his way home.

The way her eyes shined when he got here was unmistakable. However, she seemed to be even more stubborn than I was when I met Caleb, and that wasn't a good thing. Not for Daniel anyways.

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