Chpt 28. True enemy

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Here it is guys! It's not that long but it will blow your mind!!

Remember that all of the characters are in four different groups and in different locations.

I did a lot of switching in the point of view cuz everything it's happening at the same time.


Caleb's POV

I growled at the woods. My muscles ached with the need of sprint forward, the hair of my neck rose in anticipation.

That was it.

They were among us.

A blond haired exterminator was next to me, his eyes were yellow and his fangs reached his jaw; he gave me a look, he knew as well as I did that they were here.

Slowly, a group vampires came out of the woods, if it wasn't for their fangs they could easily past as humans.

There were 50 of us; 20 wolves and 29 vampires and 1 witch. We were almost even in comparison with the rogues.

It happened in slow motion, one of them jumped forward, and we reacted.

I sprinted towards them, tearing, biting and slashing everything I touched. I tasted rage in my mouth; these were the monsters trying to hurt my Avril, they would die just for having that thought.

Somebody clinged onto me. I growled and threw myself to the ground, smashing him against the rocks and biting his head off.

There was a lot of noise around me; bodies crashing, flesh being torned apart, cries. Still none of them were from my pack, we were still alive.

I saw as one of them clinged on one of my wolves, I was about to step into it to keep my pack safe; but  he shook the vampire off and with one bite he teared his throat.

Then I saw something I wasn't able to understand, and I didn't notice it before because I was too busy tyring to get rid of them. Now that I stopped for a second, I saw that the vamire on the ground, the one the wolf just killed, was disintegrating.

It happened in a length of five seconds; his body turned into sand right before my eyes.

Then I paid more attention to my surroundings; every vampire on the floor was doing the same, on second it was there and at the other, one sack of sand replaced it.

Something crashed on my body again, taking me out of balance. I growled and turned my face towards my attacker; there were 3 of them, their fangs sharp enough to tear my skin. I threw myself at them, and they did the same.

Their arms encircled my body, but I could just shake them off and bite their throats.

Why wouldn't they use their fangs?

Chris's POV

I snapped his neck and jumped to the next one.

We had no casualties so far, and that was strange; even for experienced fighters like Rachel and myself, this was way too easy.

I saw their movements, their attacks; but there was none.

They weren't attacking us, they were just holding us, pushing us around; a distraction.

"Rachel!" I shouted

I spotted her a couple of meters to my right. She held the headless body of a vampire in her hands, and with the breeze, the vampire floated in the air as a cloud of sand.Rachel turned her face to my direction, the same realization in her eyes.

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