Heidi and the Lord by ash_knight17
Heidi and the Lordby Ash
[18+] 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝟏𝟖𝟒𝟕 The four Empires have stayed unchanged since centuries, vampires having the upper hand and being the master puppeteer of all. But conflicts have...
  • pureblood
  • wattys2018
  • fantasy
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"Sweet Thing" - Sweetpea Fan-Fiction by NoelAshley5
"Sweet Thing" - Sweetpea LoveYouLotsss
" I need to get rid of the boys somehow; especially bad ones dressed in leather." THERE WILL BE MISSPELLED WORDS, ETC. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, DONT BOTHER READI...
  • fanfictions
  • fpjones
  • archie
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TRANQUILITY by jessiejam3s
TRANQUILITYby jessiejam3s
HIGHEST RANKING ~ #14 IN "WHAT'S HOT" (08/12/2018) That's when she saw him. A lycan who stood entrapped in multiple chains. Her eyes widened and face paled at...
  • innocent
  • innocence
  • romance
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Her Blood (#Wattys2018) by _bikramjeet_
Her Blood (#Wattys2018)by Bikramjeet
  • blood
  • supernatural
  • featured
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Bambi and the Duke by ash_knight17
Bambi and the Dukeby Ash
[18+] 𝐘𝐞𝐚𝐫 𝟏𝟕𝟔𝟔 Disowned by her own family for their own reasons, she was taken in by a maid at the age of seven to work at the Carmichael's household. The Carmi...
  • immortal
  • possessive
  • blood
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His Cheerleader by spookygirl6
His Cheerleaderby kitty girl
"Just admit it, you're in love with him!" Cheryl screamed, clearly happy that her best friend has fallen in love. "I'd rather slam my tongue with a car do...
  • emmaroberts
  • tonitopaz
  • kevinkeller
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Her Cursed Monster (Mad Protector Series #1) by fearsome_hamster
Her Cursed Monster (Mad fearsome_hamster
She became a wicked monster's obsession. He was whispered to be the most cruel of them all. Cursed to roam the world without a soulmate, his insanity overtook and he was...
  • obsession
  • paranormalromance
  • humanxvampire
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Riverdale smut and imagine by fangirl735
Riverdale smut and imagineby Toni_blossom
Warning this book contains smut Most of these imagines are not mine full credit to writers
  • jughead
  • betty
  • veronica
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Two Peas in a Pod [Sweet Pea] by YourDad_
Two Peas in a Pod [Sweet Pea]by Daddy's Girl_
"so this is why you hate Northsiders" Toni Laughed as they hanged out in Sweet Pea's room "it was a mistake" sweet pea groaned "well well well...
  • southside
  • sweetpea
  • toni
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Blood and Honey (Book #1) by KenzDyer
Blood and Honey (Book #1)by Kenzie Dyer
~A Wattpad FEATURED STORY~ A lion does not need an invitation from a lamb. That is not the way of the predator. Predators take what they want, when they want it, however...
  • humanxvampire
  • horrorromance
  • vampire
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Serpents Pregnancy Series by authenticmiya
Serpents Pregnancy Seriesby Imagines❄️
FP Jones Jughead Jones Sweet Pea Fangs Fogarty All credits go to the rightful owners of the pictures I use❤️
  • serpentspregnancyseries
  • drewraytanner
  • riverdale
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Belle Morte (Belle Morte Book 1) by Bella_Higgin
Belle Morte (Belle Morte Book 1)by Bella_Higgin
It's been ten years since vampires came out of the coffin, and now they are the world's greatest, most-talked about celebrities, living in lavish mansions and feeding on...
  • mansion
  • agegap
  • featured
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Falling for you | Choni  by Sweetlily100
Falling for you | Choni by »Lily«
Two girls raised on different sides of the small town of Riverdale, both with different backgrounds and personal issues. But they both just want one thing, happiness, an...
  • tonitopaz
  • loveislove
  • cherylxtoni
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Overcast Night Stars- Book One by aut_189
Overcast Night Stars- Book Oneby Aut
After the encouter they shared at his tralier, The aftermath's catastrophic to them and not only them, everyone around them. What if something happens that can displaces...
  • sweetpea
  • drama
  • fpandalice
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Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete) by SabrinaBlackburry
Dirty Lying Faeries (Complete)by Sabrina Blackburry
Thea didn't think much of the fantasy world. Fairy tales and make believe were stories you tell children, not something to actually worry about in the real world. But wh...
  • love
  • fae
  • paranormal
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Got You Now Lodge by jeronicaismylife
Got You Now Lodgeby jeronicaismylife
"Listen princess, that's true in the Northside. You have power over me there. But right now you're in my kingdom, so you better learn to respect me. I'm going to go...
  • tonitopaz
  • riverdale
  • serpents
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Once Bitten, Twice Turned (Sample; Soon To Be Published) by annemarshallofficial
Once Bitten, Twice Turned (Sample; Anne Marshall
Her mint and jasmine scent had the wolf going crazy, but the sound of her blood flowing through her veins was making the other animal even more insane. They both wanted...
  • vampire
  • attacked
  • girlxgirl
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C O B R A     //     SWEET PEA by msg19966
"Beware the broken girls. They've learned how to survive with shards of glass under their skin. They're glittering, sharp and beautiful, and they will watch you ble...
  • fanfic
  • fangs
  • toni
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When Crossing The Tracks-Sweet Pea by IIJennaII
When Crossing The Tracks-Sweet Peaby Jenna
I can sleep. I just choose not to, for I have fallen in love with the way my mind plays in the dark night with thoughts of You. ...
  • reggiemantle
  • varchie
  • cherylblossom
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The Damaged -RIVERDALE- by sweetpeasbitch
"Tell me how we're not alike but we work so well and we don't even know why, Funny how the stars crossed right 'cause we work so well and we don't even know why,&qu...
  • bettycooper
  • fangs
  • hollandroden
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