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The hidden truth  by loveunikornmagenta
The hidden truth by loveunikornmagenta
What happens when something new but old strolls into riverdale?, when a secret is dying to be uncovered and found. When the truth that has been hidden for so long is ex...
  • sweetpea
  • jones
  • southsideserpent
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Isnt she Andrews Sister ?  by serpentgirl22
Isnt she Andrews Sister ? by southsidesnake
A certain red headed boys sister finds herself amongst the snake pit .
  • veronica
  • snake
  • southsideserpents
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instagram | sweet pea by xstardxst
instagram | sweet peaby k
[hey guys. i have to restart this story, which really is making me so sad. it was deleted at 30k reads. i was hacked so i had to change my pass and everything. i hope th...
  • instagram
  • jugheadjones
  • cherylblossom
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Panic Cord | Sweetpea by calumlush
Panic Cord | Sweetpeaby Don't come for me .
"I've been stabbed, drugged and almost raped, had my ass handed to me multiple times, and all of that is nothing compared to hurt you've put me through. So maybe I...
  • southside
  • reggiemantle
  • snake
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VIPER << SERPENT PRINCESS 🖤 by everythingsuck_s
VIPER << SERPENT PRINCESS 🖤by everythingsuck_s
Just released from Juvie, Casey returns back to the Southside with her best friends Sweet Pea, Toni Topaz and Fangs Fogarty; the four having been inseparable since they...
  • riverdale
  • southside
  • fp
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Truly Madly Deeply ↬ Fangs Fogarty by OceanDale
Truly Madly Deeply ↬ Fangs Fogartyby OceanDale
in which the reader falls in love - truly, madly, deeply. 𝘙𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘹 𝘍𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘴 𝘍𝘰𝘨𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘺
  • lgbt
  • fangsfogarty
  • reggie
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The Royal Darkness by GiaAlexiou
The Royal Darknessby //g.a.//
Highest Ranking in Vampire: #17 ~ 3/13/16 During the summer at the beautiful country Greece, something bad happens to 'about to be in college' Lydia. After a party at a...
  • blood
  • twist
  • short
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Riverdale Has Forever Changed by KrimsonKayy
Riverdale Has Forever Changedby
Eliana Jade or EJ as she is most commonly known as is used to be the new kid at school. She is the new kid at least 8 times a year. So when she moved to Riverdale it was...
  • southside
  • fp
  • archiecomics
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Vaenalo | WATTPAD FEATURED by BlondeBomb365
Vaenalo | WATTPAD FEATUREDby Renie
Once upon a time, in a realm - called Vaenalo - far far away, there was a teenager whose love life was on the verge of being exposed. She had her own Prince Charming, bo...
  • lord
  • wattys2018
  • pain
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Southside Serpent Imagines by StoryAcademy55
Southside Serpent Imaginesby StoryAcademy55
The title says it all. Imagines for our favourite Riverdale characters from season 2!
  • preferences
  • fanfic
  • fangs
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Riverdale's Serpent's imagines  by stay-mon-russ
Riverdale's Serpent's imagines by Stacey~mona~russ
Fan fiction FP Jones x reader imagines Jughead Jones x reader imagines Sweet pea x reader imagines Fangs Fogarty x reader
  • fpxreader
  • jughead
  • jugheadxreader
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Alaska: Queen of the Vampires by theNameIsHoran
Alaska: Queen of the Vampiresby A.R.S.
"If you knock on the devil's door, he'll slam your head through the wall, darling." ........ He was every girl's day dream. He was also every child's worst ni...
  • witches
  • dominance
  • vampire
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Soulmates-Sweetpea by alyssasunshine
Soulmates-Sweetpeaby alyssasunshine
When you get a name on your body. You have a soulmate. There is no rubbing it off and there is no changing it. -------------------------- Ash gets a name on her body on...
  • love
  • kevinkeller
  • tonitopaz
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Riverdale smut and imagine by fangirl735
Riverdale smut and imagineby Toni_blossom
Warning this book contains smut Most of these imagines are not mine full credit to writers
  • jugheadjones
  • cherylblossem
  • sweetpea
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Future with a vampire  by Shanti1st
Future with a vampire by Shanti1st
Seventeen year old Emma comes to realise that Vampires are real. One incident causes a breed of vampires to take notice in her because of her blood type and link to the...
  • kingdom
  • royalty
  • family
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Hunter by MADcreations
Hunterby MAD
“Fuck,” I whisper, shutting my eyes and clunking my head to the door. “Where were you going, Scar?” Ace breathes, smirking like he’s been dying to do this all morning. M...
  • pain
  • hunter
  • girl
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Belle Morte (Belle Morte Book 1) by Bella_Higgin
Belle Morte (Belle Morte Book 1)by Bella_Higgin
It's been ten years since vampires came out of the coffin, and now they are the world's greatest, most-talked about celebrities, living in lavish mansions and feeding on...
  • newadult
  • vampire
  • blood
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Southside (Jughead Jones) by WinterAmerica_2000
Southside (Jughead Jones)by WinterAmerica_2000
Zaniyah Wright, sister of Southside serpent Sweet Pea, best friends with Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones. Zaniyah had spent her entire life on the rough side of town. A...
  • jughead
  • tonitopaz
  • teenromance
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Unnatural Love (Seth Clearwater Fanfiction) by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
Unnatural Love (Seth Clearwater Legolas Greenleaf
Layla Bodolf (Cullen) was born into a werewolf family. Her older brother, became her father's successor, while she remained close to the pack. At a young age, Layla fell...
  • newborns
  • edward
  • love
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Something Different- Fangs Fogarty by fangsfogartyy
Something Different- Fangs Fogartyby fangsfogartyy
"A vampire, huh?" "Oh A cat, huh..real original?" Things had changed since the Halloween party but It was a good change. He was like a...
  • fangsfogarty
  • fogarty
  • fangs
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