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All revalations about Edward in this chapter are true to what Ubisoft says happened after the game


She handed the little boy his books as she chased him out the door,

"You be good at school today, Haythem! And no more fights!"
Anna yelled as he opened the door to the quaint little house.

"Yes, mum!" Haythem droned as he bounced out the doorway and disappeared into the busy streets of London.

With Haythem gone, Anna quietly hummed a tune to fill the quiet house as she hurried to clean the few dirty dishes from breakfast. When she was finally done, she finally sat down with a jar of ink and a pen and wrote a letter long overdue.

Dear Russell,

Word has just reached me of your friend Abigail's death. I am so sorry for your loss, Uncle. I too have just experienced great grief. How time flies with the speed of the wind! I can not believe it has been almost nine years since out last afternoon together on that fateful day on the beach of Nassau. To this day, I regret that I did not give you one last hug. 

I hope that you have been taking care of yourself, dear uncle. Forgive me for not writing in these past years, but I was unaware of how to reach you until Joel visited me very unexpectedly a few weeks ago. He brought word to London of Abigail's death, and he also brought his wife, who we both know as former Madame CJ of A Night to Remember. Madame CJ and Joel make a fine couple, and Madame CJ has turned into quite pleasant company.

Uncle, so much has happened since we last saw each other that I don't know where to start. I suppose I should tell you what happened immediately after I last left your arms.

Mary Reed, known to you as James Kidd took her ship with us out of the harbor, and that next morning, the Templars attacked us. Mary's men were rendered useless from their drinking. At that time, Edward had left me, and I had just discovered that I was pregnant with his child. It is safe to claim that I was distraught on every level as we were captured by the Templar-sent bounty hunters.

It is odd how God used pregnancy to save my life, and Ann Boney's as well. The entire crew of The Eagle was brought to the prison in Port Royal, where Mary Reed and all of her crew died.

Ah-Tabi and Edward sneaked into the prison just in time to rescue Boney and I as our babies were born, but neither babe survived the brutal prison.
I missed you terribly during my capture, and our last moments together haunted my mind. What I wouldn't have given to hug you one more time in that darkest hour.

While I was in prison, Edward found the Observatory. Also, he discovered that the lover that he was going home to had died. I was so heartbroken after the loss of my child that I accepted Edward back into my life, and I'm glad that I did.

After my first baby, the doctors said that I could never have another child. I felt so lost, uncle. I was a mother, and I could never have another baby, but God had another way planned to complete me again.

Edward's deceased lover, Caroline Scott, became pregnant with Edward's daughter right as he left for the Indies. I am happy to say that Edward's daughter joined us in the Caribbean, and we became a family. Her name is Jennifer (Jenny) Scott. She is sixteen now, and engaged to a young doctor down the street. She is a beautiful princess with her father's temper. God bless her poor fiancé!

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