16: Give no Quarter

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Anna screams echoed through the salty air as she threw an enraged fist at Edward's croch. Kenway caught her hand before the impact, and use his other hand to slap Anna across the face. Her head snapped in the opposite side, and her cheek stung as she listened to Kenway teased her,

"You really thought you were one of us?"
He sneered as he pulled her closer.

His eyes were set in cold, blue ice as his face contorted in disgust.

Adawalé stepped forward,
"Captain! What are you doing?"
He exclaimed.

Keyway's lip curled angrily,
"I know what I'm doing, Adé. This is for the better. She's no good!"
He shouted back as he restrained her squirming.

Adawalé squinted his black eyes in disbelief. He protested,
"She's proven that she is good! You said so yourse-"

Kenway shot his first mate a glare so sinister, Adawalé closed his mouth in submission as Kenway spat,
"Look at her. She's not a pirate, she doesn't have it in her! She's pathetic. She belongs in a little corset sipping tea! Or more preferably.."
He trailed off as he eyed her with malicious hunger,
"A brothel in Nassau."

Anna couldn't move her shocked, heart-wrenched face as Kenway continued,
"You will never be any more than filth, the tag branded on your weak arm."
He sneered.

Anna's eyes couldn't see past her sudden furry. With every ounce of her strength, she punched Edward square in the jaw. The sickening noise from the impact broke the thick air, and the blow sent him stepping backwards as he brought his hand up to nurse his face.

When Edward looked at her again, his angry eyes held a mischievous glimmer of insane pride.

He furiously grabbed her and pushed her up against him so tightly that she couldn't breathe.
He quickly shoved his lips onto hers as Anna struggled wildly against his immovable grasp, but he held her lips solidly against his.

The man she had grown to like, maybe even love, was violating every emotion inside of her.

She could taste blood from her blow in his greedy, sloppy kiss.

From behind Edward, Russell shouted furiously,
"Kenway! Get your filthy, greedy hands off of her!"
He yelled as Joel tried to calm him from going after the Captain.


Edwards tougne slid something metallic into her mouth.
He just gave her something through the kiss.
He stopped his kiss attack briefly to whisper something something terribly faint between his kisses,

"Go to the church in Port Royal."

This object. Could it be.. The key?

Suddenly, Keyway's mouth was sucked away from hers as Russell, who had broken free from Joel, yanked Edward backwards and tried to punch him.
Edward quickly threw Russell into the sand.
Kenway drew his pistol and cocked it at Russell's face. Before he could fire, Anna quickly moved the metal object in her mouth into her cheek,

"STOP!" She yelled awkwardly.

Kenway and Russell's head snapped towards her. Anna gave Kenway a look between hurt and mischief as she walked backwards to the British, surrendering herself,
"Just stop."
She pleaded as she shook her head.

The British quickly restrainted Anna as Kenway lowered his pistol from Russell's weathered face. Joel helped to get Russell up and keep him from attacking Kenway.

Fonte laughed victoriously at Captain Kenway,
"The tables have turned, Captain. I would ask you for those maps back, but we both already know that they led you to the Cayman Islands to uncover the next clue."
Fonte ended with a sinister smirk.

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