17: The Past

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Within two hours, the rigging that Fonte's men had slashed had been replaced, and the Jackdaw eargerly set sail for Nassau with the tide to find the next clue.

The pirate port was close enough that the ship could make port a few hours before sundown if they hurried. Anna could barely wait that long.
She had a chance to discover if she was related to Russell, and to maybe run some Assassin's contracts while the crew filled their bellies with rum and their minds with pleasure.

Anna went down below deck and found Russell mopping the floor.

Anna happily smiled,
"Hello, Russell!"

His weary eyes shifted up to her from his work,
"Hey, Anna. Wanna help a lad out here?"

Anna rolled her eyes and sighed,
"I was hoping you wouldn't say that."
She winked as she grabbed an extra mop,
"So I'm sure you heard where we're headed?"
She asked.

Russell nodded,
"Aye, Nassau. Master Harold told me."

"And once we get there, I would like to track down my family."
She trailed off cautiously.

Russell's blue-grey eyes flickered up nervously from his stinky mop. Anna tilted her head,
"Care to help me?"

"By doing what exactly?"
He asked.

Anna shrugged,
"I don't know. Is there anything you haven't told me?"

Russell shook his head,
"Your guess is as good as mine, pup."
He said to the floor.

Anna clenched her fists and stopped mopping,
"So your not coming with me?"

He deadpanned.

Anna shifted her feet in annoyance,
"You're not even the least bit curious to see if we are related or not?"

"No! I'm not! Even if we were, what difference does it make?"
He argued defensively.

Anna gritted her teeth in disbelief as she dropped the mop and marched back topside.

Asshole pirate..

As her boots hit the deck, she heard the men singing somberly,

"I dreamed a dream the other night.
Lowlands! Lowlands away!
My love she came dressed all in white,
Lowlands away."

Anna went to the helm next to Kenway and Adawalé and stood facing the sea as the pirates made small talk about Nassau.

How does Russell not care? Something doesn't seem right. I think he could be hiding something..

"Anna, what's wrong?"
Asked Kenway.

Anna snapped out of her trance and looked into Keyway's questioning eyes. Anna crossed her arms,
She said.

He huffed in disbelief, but didn't question her further. Adawalé awkwardly excused himself from the poop deck.

After a minute of Edward quietly steering his ship, he looked at Anna with a smile,
"Care to take the helm?"
He asked mischeviously.

Anna looked at the wheel nervously,
"Um that? I don't know, I've never-"

Edward silenced her with a scowl and moved her between him and the wheel. Anna nervously put her hands on the spools of the wheel as Edward guided,

"Now, steady as she goes."
He rumbled as he put his hands over hers on the wheel and stepped towards her until his bulky chest was against her back.
He nuzzled his lips against Anna's ear and said,
"It tends to shift under the waves."

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